monitoring while recording

How can I hear through headphones

I’ve worked out several problems but now have one I can’t fix.
While setting levels in Ntrack, I use the VU meters but can’t hear my guitar through the headphones. I am using the firewire 410 with a laptop and ASIO settings. I have tried everything I know. Can you give some suggestions? I have used the firewire 410’s mixer settings and made sure all levels are up and channels are assigned. Can you monitor on yours while recording the first and track and then while overdubbing?


Hi bhartsel

That’s and M-audio card, right? I’m not familiar with that one (but I use an M-audio card myself), so I can’t really help with any specifics.

Usually there is a setting in the soundcard software for the recording and monitoring source. My Delta 44 manual is quite comprehensive and explains it well, but I don’t monitor through my card so I’ve never had to set mine up that way. I have a mixer instead.

Anyway, sorry to be of little help; hopefully someone here will have some more specific advice. I know many folks here have M-audio cards.