Monitoring with Mixers


When doing vocals…I have a external reverb unit I want to use for monitoring in the headphones only during tracking.

The soundcard has one 1 input and 1 output (exciting huh?)

Im having trouble understanding how to accomplish the headphone monitor mix using a mixer:

N-Tack will playback (while recording) the backing track via output of the soundcard plugging that into a line-in (1) of the mixer…the microphone will be plugged in the mixer line-in (2).

Im attaching the send OUT of the mixer to my reverb unit and its output will be attached to my mixer via the aux return.

Question is how do I send only the DRY vocal originating from LINE-IN(2) to N-Track via soundcard input…while listening to the reverberated vocals/backing track from the mixer attached to my headphones?


What mixer have you got? The only way I can think of to do it with what you’ve described so far is mic-> channel 2 -> insert out or direct out to soundcard. Then have your reverb on an aux send/return for your mixer and add some to taste on channel 2.


Behringer UB 802

So the reverberated material from the aux return of the mixer wont affect the DRY signal from channel 2 being sent out to the soundcard for recording and I can still hear the reverberated material from the mixer with my headphones?

But what about the backing track from N-Track via output to input of Channel 1 of the mixer?

How do I send only the DRY signal from channel 2 to the soundcard without the backing track coming from the mixer?

The paradox is puzzling Heh

alright, here’s what I’m getting out of this.

you have a soundcard with one input and one output. I’m going to assume these are stereo ins and outs because most like that are. So in reality you have two ins and two outs, you’ll just need some y cables to utilize them separately.

wow. this is tough, but I think I might have figured it out (as long as the mixer works like I THINK it does)

Channel 1) mic input.
Runs to Main mix.
Runs to FX Send.

Aux Return at 0% !!! Important!!! (this controls how much is mixed in to the Main Mix BUT I think the control room gets the FX Return signal regardless-if it doesn’t, then you’re screwed because I can hardly think of a good way around it with the options you currently have.)

Computer Backing Track-
Into Tape In on Mixer with “Tape to Control Room” button pressed BUT “Tape to Mix” NOT PRESSED.

If the Aux Return affects both the control room’s fx return and the main mix, you’ll need to combine both the reverb’s output and the backing track together before returning to the mixer. 2 possible ways to do this. First, buy another mixer. :) Second, buy two y cables that are 2 Mono into 1 Mono (NOT 2 Mono into 1 Stereo)

Don’t forget you’ll also need a 2 Mono to 1 Stereo cable to separate the left and right sides of the computer’s output.

connect the left computer out to one side of one y cable and the fx unit left side to the other of the one y cable, then the computer’s right out into one side of the second y cable and the fx unit’s right side into the other side of the second y cable.

Then take those two y cables and buy adapters that will convert them into RCA jacks for the tape in.

boy this’ll be jimmyrigged if I ever saw it.

Last option, and probably the EASIEST if your computer can handle low latency.
use n-track’s LIVE feature to listen to reverb while you record.

The way I used to do it, before I started using the KX project drivers was:

Use the mixer inserts to go to the soundcard i/p. (that minimises the path, and hence keeps noise, etc.’ to a minimum). And either have the ring and tip shorted so you still have a feed going to your main mixer bus, or come from the soundcard o/p to two spare channels.

Then you can add FX via your auxes, and of course, monitor off the main mixer o/p.

Or, if you have an SBLive or Audigy, plus the KX drivers, you can do it all in your soundcard, clean for recording, and FXed for monitoring.


this mixer doesn’t have inserts. it’s the low end model. if it did, this would easy :)

The latency is just too much to handle using LIVE unfortunately.

Thanks tho :(

Which mixer is best suited for this and how much does it typically cost?

you’ll want a mixer with inserts on the mic channels as Ali was suggesting. or one with more auxillary sends, preferably not post fader sends as well.–BEHUB1204P

this one has two auxillary sends, pre and post fader.

you could send the pre fader send to your computer, and the post fader send to your reverb. send the computer outs to one of the stereo line ins, and the reverb’s outs into another stereo line in or the auxillary return.

or buy another mixer altogether in addition to your first one.–BEHUB502

and run the main outs of one into your computer and into the other mixer, and your computer outs into the second mixer as well, that’d work. and be cheaper, but less mic pres and other options.

Not sure of the Behringer you have but, I use the Eurodesk MX3282 and use the sub outs for my rec signal, then use the aux returns post sends for outboard effects and send them to the main mix for play back. The aux returns have buttons for sending them to Mains, sub 1, sub2, etc etc, does the Behringer you have do this?The signal from the sub outs is dry to the soundcard but sound wet (reverb, delay, whatever) when monitoring during record session.

Behringer UB 802

I have the same mixer (well actually the MX version but it has the same input/output routing options).

You can try panning to help simplify the setup.

1) Pan channel 1 hard left, set fx to 0 (12 o clock).
2) Connect the Fx Send to the input of your reverb unit.
3) Connect the out of the reverb unit to the input on channel 2.
4) Pan channel 2 hard right, set fx to infinity (all the way to the left).
5) Connect main out to your sound card input
6) Connect sound card output to tape in on the mixer
7) Press “Tape to Control Room”, depress "Tape to Mix"
8) In Ntrack only record from the left input (you could record both if you want, left is dry, right is wet)
9) In addition to your soundcard, you can adjust recording levels with the Main Mix Knob and adjust Monitoring levels with the Headphones knob.
10) If the wet/dry left/right mix is annoying you, perhaps you can adjust the wet dry mix on the reverb unit to get it to sound more natural.

Actually this is probably not much different than Guitars69’s suggestion - but with the right cables you can get a workable solution with this mixer.


(Yes it was a compliment)

Ill try that…thanks to you all.