Wife has given the OK

I’ve done a search on the forum and read past posts about studio monitors. I’m thinking:

Mackie HR624 or
Event 2020bas or
Yamaha HS50

Bottom line is that I’ve got $1,000 bucks to spend on monitors and its burning a hole in my pocket.


Buy a decent hifi amp, passive monitors and something FUN for whatever money you have left. Unless you’ve treated your room you don’t know what you’ll need anyhow. And for the record; I should know, my room is untreated :)
Yeah, I know, very helpful…

If you’re looking for alturnitives… Have a serious look at some Yorkville powered monitors… PSM-1 boxes… Bi-Amp cabinets… Do a Google… I don’t have a link right at hand…

After ya got 'em up-and-workin, you’ll have money in your pocket for some other toys… mabey, a mic or something…

Anyway, it’ll be money well spent…


Gentlemen, thanks very much for your input. I will certainly take a look at the yorkvilles.

I think Bill means Yorkville YSM-1. Here is a link to a set on ebay.

Event 20/20 fan here.

Hi nubs:
vanclan… You are right. They are YSM-1 Powered monitors…

I think Willy has a pair of the un-Powered ones… I’m not sure what type of amp he uses with them. There are several guys I know that uses them… and all come up with stellar mixes when they use them…

I was pretty good with my numbers… Well, I thought … so… My letters… now that was a different thing… :O :laugh: The teacher always got after me when I worked on my letters… :p


You’ll find it hard to go wrong with either the Yorkvilles or the Event 20/20. Bubba and Bill know what they’re on about - I’m just a hack but I love my yorkvilles (Limey mentioned them first, now I just advocate them).


I say you spend $200/300 on some FoamByMail acoustic foam (for the level of quality we home studios do, I doubt the slight performance increase that Auralex PROBABLY provides is really required) and maybe another couple hundred on some diffusers from Auralex or someone, THEN blow the remaining $500 on some monitors and a power amp. You can get some active monitors in this price range, including the Behringers, which though many people hate that company, I’ve heard many good reviews of their studio monitors.

Without a treated room though, your frequency response in your room maybe be plus or minus 15-20 dB. in which case, your +/- 3 dB monitors really won’t matter…

That said, I like my event 20/20 monitors, but they’re the passives.

Don’t go the acoustic foam, go the semi-rigid fibreglass in a frame covered with material (I used hessian) - more broadband coverage, more ft/$


do you make your own? because all the fiberglass panels I’ve seen are $100 per panel and that’s like a 2’x4’. so hardly more ft/$

I don’t think foam is bad as long as you concentrate on getting the bass. use corner fills and some 4" wedge foam with a spacer behind it. don’t use too much or it’ll kill the high end but have at it with the corner fills.

then again, these are just thoughts, I’ve never had the money to blow on acoustic treatment so I can’t really give advice on it I suppose.

Mineral wool is where it is at. Similar properties to fiberglass… and a butt load cheaper. Also, look up Ethan Winer on Google. He has an entire HowTo site devoted to rolling your own sound treatment using typical Home Depot materials. But honestly, if you look at the specs of fiberglass or mineral wool, their sound absorption factors are quite respectable when simply mounted to a hard surface. (AKA, wrap the panels in burlap or what ever and stick them to the walls and ceilings.) It comes to about $5 per panel this way.


do you make your own? because all the fiberglass panels I’ve seen are $100 per panel and that’s like a 2’x4’. so hardly more ft/$

Yeah, I made my own. I think there’s a link on audiominds.

Yup, here it is, but it only works in IE for me (don’t have firefox, only netscape which is my main)

I paid AU$135 for a pack of 35mm semi-rigid (about 35sqm) and it’s covered the equivalent of 8 doors (184cm x 90cm) with leftovers in the shed, probably enough for enough full door and a bit. I paid maybe $40-50 for the covering material and got the door panels free (they’re actually uncovered office partitions).

Consider that it costs around AU$200 for a single 180x90x25mm acoustic foam sheet here and you can appreciate the price to coverage ratio.

so the stuff you made is a spongy 3" thick pad basically? I was thinking of the rigid panels like the auralex pro panels or whatever. looks like most of the pictures for that link are gone :( I’d like to see more shots of them personally.

Theres a link in the forums with pics. I’ll post the link to that later when my bandwidth is back (au sites don’t work well when I’m capped for some reason).

They’re like an insulation batt you’d put in the roof, but compressed and glued as to be rigid(er). Still fairly spongy but you don’t get anywhere near as many loose fibres - mainly where you might cut it.

Here you go. You’ll need to sign up.…i+rigid

BTW, theres more pics in the “show us your gear/studio” threads here.

Just wondering if anyone can give his opinion about the new EMU monitors called PM5

Hi Willy and marce:
Thanks for putting that link up… Willy.

I know, some time ago and on Past Boards a lot of discussion was traded… regarding acoustic treatment of Listening and Tracking Areas…

Some spent big money and got little in return… some spent little-or-no money and got big returns in room treatment/quality… I stand corrected… But Willy was one that got Big Returns on his investment…