mono recording at double speed


I haven’t had time to record much, so I’ve been installing new n-track versions without doing much to test them out. Today I needed to record my daughter reading a poem for her French class. Earlier in the day I had recorded a live tape with no problem, with 4.0.5 build 1841. When I set up to record the poem, I switched to mono, recorded a sample and played it back. The visual display was half as long as it should have been, and the track played back at double speed. I tried all sorts of fixes, unchecking “keep devices open,” switching from system timer to wave timer, etc., but no joy. I installed build 1845. I reverted to default settings. That made it work, but then when I set it to mono, the problem came back. It seems to me that there is a bug that makes mono tracks record at double speed. Has anyone else experienced this?

Win2k, AP 2496, WDM drivers, recording at 14100.


Something is funky with your sample rate settings.
That’s about the only thing I can think that will cause the chipmunk effect without actually using a pitch shift type plugin.
It’s possible it could be a bug, though I’ve not experienced it.
Check the properties of the recorded wave file to find out the sample rate it is at and make sure that n-Track is set to operate at that same sample rate.


I had messed with the sample rate earlier in the day. Somehow, in one of the installations, n-track got set to 48000, which seems to be the default. I recorded a track that I wanted to be a 44100, but it got recorded at 48000, so I converted it. The conversion went fine.

The only time I get chipmunks is if I try to record a mono file. I didn’t think to save a file and look at the actual sample rate. I just deleted them. I’ll try again and see what happens. If other people are not seeing this, it must be something particular to my installation.



I have just recorded my first song in v4, and as part of that recorded several mono tracks … 2 acoustic guitar lines, 3 vocals lines and a couple of others.

No problems on any of those.

As crankz1 says, it seems most likely it is one of your settings - check your Audio Device settings and make sure you are recording and playing back using the same devices. That might help.