Moonbeams and Mindwaves


i wasn’t too keen on that pounding drum, just sounds too low fi and distracting to go with the rest of the production and dontcare for the panning of it to the left either.

if you listen to what the drum did around 2:40-42 that would have been better throughout than that pestering nagging mechanical repetition, at least that fill had a variation in note.

Personally I would have went for a single lower thump (like a beat box) at the beginning of each measure for parts of this, the rest of the notes could have been done with a snare like a marching band with 16ths or 32’s thrown in there at the second beat.


Thanks for the listen, Jerm.
Shamanic drumming not your thing, then?

Was the drum done with samples? It’s my major complaint, too – it’s much too regular. No variation in timbre or velocity.

I’m widjuhs. Monotony is the point.

I gotz no problem with Shamanic Drumming the drums in that video sound great, they have ambiance listen to what he is doing around 2:05~17 with accents on the 1st of the measure, it has a top and a bottom to it. 8 beats per measure with accent on the 5th, then 1st, 3rd, 5th.

The guy pretty much breaks down the higher and lower pitch attributes and speeds of the sounds of the instrument in his dialogue.

I didn’t hear any of that in the recording (with the exception of a few fills) not to say there is no variance there…I just cant hear any.

If it were me programming this I would separate the beats into different tracks the first, 3rd and 5th and treat them separately to reflect the difference you would get pitch, speed and depth
from hitting different parts of the drum, and get the hits that are not accented to sit further back in the mix.

Of course this piece has 6 beats per measure so accents would be in different places.


I understand. I just thought I’d let you guys hear it.

Drums aside (as it’s been discussed enough), the work is nice and very different. I like it :agree: :agree:

Willy’s right, it’s a really interesting composition. Your stuff is nearly always unpredictable. That is awesome.

No offense but I have to agree with don'tcare as I too haven't felt much of a heart pounding rhythm from the Shamanic drumming. In fact, it sounds more on the low fi edge and just does not have complete harmony with the remaining production. I think it would sound great if it is done along with samples and much better if changes are made to the variation in velocity as well as timbre!