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Follow up on new website

I just wanted to say thanks for all of the feedback I’ve gotten from the good folks on this board.

I put my newest collection online. I’d love to hear how to make this stuff better…

The Banbury Road

Thanks for any feedback, I really appreciate it.


listened to the first few so far. they sound really good… nice progression from your older “collections” (in recording and the writing). i’m gonna grab all of the tracks later and listen to the album as a whole.

Hi Aaron,
first of all congratulations for your new collection.
I had the opportunity to listen all the 12 songs. Some of then I liked more than others and that is natural and a matter of taste.
And the production quality is very good in my opinion.
Some details that I would change if I was the producer:

01- outside
a little more brightness at snare.
just a very small reduction at frequencies around 2KHz in the base guitar
06 - out
just a very small reduction at frequencies around 2KHz in the base guitar

02 - hollow me
the vocal levels could be revised. They are changing a bit during the song.

08 - Take it with you
The vocal level is going down at “You better run away” frase.

But again, just opinion ok?

Ah. One more thing… How much do you like Smashing Pumpkins? And Bob Dylan?


Hey thanks for the replies! And, you’ve definitely pegged some influences. I guess I need to improve my monitoring setup, no?

And, I thank you very much for listening closely to everything. I’m always surprised when folks listen, I guess I never really expect that somehow.


Hi Aaron,
well, when I started to plan my home studio I asked to a great friend that is a famous Brazilian singer, musician and producer about the starting point and he said: “First thing: monitor system, second thing: monitor system and the remaining things are up to you”.
Unfortunatelly I never follow wise opinions :D
You don’t have to be thankful about the opinion because I suppose that listen is a wonderfull way for learning so I have personal reasons ok?
Cheers and congratulations again,

i really like the mixes. the one sound that bothers me (only a little) is the twangly/jangly clean guitars (could be an electric? or are you doing some acoustic guitars direct?). they sound overly bright or upper mid-rangey for the rest of the instruments in the mix. do you notice that? the acoustic guitar sound is nice.

Probably referring to the first song? That’s got a really bright fender twin emulation on it that is wild! almost distorted? On some systems, I’ve found it translates better than others. I think I have a bit dead set of monitors so it sounds less in your face on my setups.

Thanks for the feedback. I can use all the help I can get! A