More nonsense

shoulda been woikin today

Peace in the Sky:

Classic Spademan, jangly guitars, great harmonies and a nice driving beat. :agree:

Wish I had your productivity and consistency :)

Wish I could write better lyrics. :laugh:

Thanks for the listen, Bruffie!

Another corker, TomS. Crispy crunchy!

I was texting with Spademan today, he let me in on his jangly guitar secret.
It’s so simple I don’t know why more of us didn’t think of it. He doesn’t cut the ends off the strings, at the tuners he lets them all stand strait up and then mic’s that.
They clang together, and he adds heavy compression to that track. What a cheep trick!
Supporting your lazy :agree:

How about a trikke?

The other morning I was still in the sack and watching tv, to help me wake up.
But it was all a bunch of bs, so I turned on CMT and rolled over for a few more winks.
That’s when I heard Brad Paisley for the first time. No not the first time ever, I’m a big BP fan, but for the first time I realized that he was squeezing the heck out of his fender track.
More guts than I have, I won’t touch compression on the guitar track, especially a fender guitar.
But Mr. Spadman gets compressor brave all the time.
“We often say what we most need to hear” :laugh:

Now this is nutty!
Who do you think it is?
No goggling!
“It were all one That I should love a bright particular star And to think to wed it, he is so above me.”

It’s " The Bard of Avon" :)

Aaaaa Ian knows his Spear!
Spadman? Spear?
Could this coincidence, of great wonder possibly cry to the heavens with joyous movement of the heart?
Quote: (Bruffie @ Oct. 25 2009, 10:47 PM)

Classic Spademan, jangly guitars, great harmonies and a nice driving beat.

Wish I had your productivity and consistency :)

yup, Ian, you got it summed up very nicely.

Tom has this bar set and somehow, everything he does just sits beautifully on or above, standards that just don't drop.

The guitar in this is flawless (I especially like it from 1.55), strong lyrics too...I like the words 'come forward, look n to my eyes, see what I see, see what I see' kinda enchanting (I think that's the word I was looking for)


old william of avon was not the one
who made all those nice words
but rather sir henry neville
but no one can know
no one can, no
mehitabel told me so

Levi, odd thing is, my first real guitar was a Ric, I bought a record along about then by Wreckless Eric Whole Wide World - Stiff record you know - cover was a picture of him with his guitar and the strings ends all over the place - never cut them off since myself. So you speak the truth, even tho I do not text. :D

Utter rubbish. It gave me a headache.