More ouputs?

via ADAT?

I’m starting to play around with mixing-down externally instead of mixing-down within n-Track. Last night I was pretty happy: I had eight channels from n-Track each pointing to an individual output on my MOTU, which was hooked up to my mixer, which in turn fed back into the MOTU… if that makes any sense… Anyway, it works and seems to sound pretty good, but I’m limited to only 8 outputs…

So then, here’s my question:

I’ve got a MOTU 828 which gives me 8 outputs, and I know that I can add more inputs to it via ADAT. Are there any magic boxes that will give me more outputs as well?


The Behringer ADA8000. The only thing is the outputs are only XLR :( . The inputs are both. I had one going into my motu 828mk11 and it worked great. The only reason I got rid of it all was for the purchase of my alesis hd24.
Good Luck

Good luck locating an ADA8000. I’ve been trying to get one for months! Those things come in the recieving door and out the shipping door so fast it’s amazing the boxes don’t burst into flames from the friction…


they’re great :) make sure you get a quality adat cable though, had a lot of sync issues until I bought one.

Thanks. I had a feeling that the Behringer ADA8000 was probably capable.

Does anyone else here mix externally?

I stay “in the box” myself. I just love the automation features of todays modern DAW packages.

Oh, you know ADAT will give 8 channels at 44.1 or 48khz right? Another thing to consider is synch. I would be mighty tempted to use the Wordclock feature of the MOTU and the Berry instead of the ADAT stream. Then if you switch between 44.1 and 48 for whatever reason, you don’t have to fool with the stupid switch on the back of the Berry. One piece of coax with BNC connectors, set the MOTU and Berry to use Wordclock. Done.


Well… crap… I’ve been laying tracks at 24/96. Dat’s no good. I’ve always mixed in-the-box, too, but I enjoyed twisting knobs and stuff on a real mixer. It seems to sound better… probably just my imagination? It’s a decent mixer (Soundcraft FX-16), maybe the pre-amps and EQs make a difference?

IF sender and reciever BOTH support it, ADAT CAN do 96k with 4 channels or 192k with 2 channels. It’s a basic bandwidth problem of the original ADAT specification. If you are interested the buzzword to look for is S/MUX to determine if the equipment supports above 44.1/48k.

Not wanting to start any sample rate wars or anything… but I personally can’t hear a nickels worth of difference between 44.1/48 versus 96k. That’s just ME though.


Sheesh, John. And here I thought you were a smart guy! :p

For a cheap ADAT alternative, just get a used “blackface” ADAT on ebay. Er, I know they work for inputs; I’m not sure whether they’d work for outputs too but I’d think so.

Yes, knobs are cool. There’s no doubting that! But the real advantage to a DAW is that you can dial something up and save it. Work on another project for a while, and then go back and BINGO everything’s just how you left it. Better yet, you can program volume envelopes, listen to it, adjust the envelope, listen, adjust, etc. Ditto for FX parameters. And the fact that you have unlimited number of FX.

Didn’t you ever work in the bad ol’ days of tape & analog decks where we had to mix stuff in real time, and “volume evolutions” meant trying to do just what you did with the fader that one time that it sounded really good – oops, but now you have to also remember to adjust that reverb level at the same time too, and … and … it gives me a headache just thinking about it!

You know how time consuming DAW work is? Well, divide the complexity of what you can do by 10, and multiply the amount of time by 10, and that’s hardware mixing. For me, the difference in the quality of the results I can achieve is really significant. (I don’t think I’d want you guys to hear the stuff I mixed back in the bad old days – I do have a bit of a reputation to maintain!)



If you are interested the buzzword to look for is S/MUX to determine if the equipment supports above 44.1/48k.

Well, that’ll rule out the berry if you want more than 48k.
Quote (learjeff @ June 17 2005,19:59)

Sheesh, John. And here I thought you were a smart guy! :p

Ignorant != stupid

However, I *am* smart enough to know where to ask the right questions. :p :p

Yep... I've worked in analog studios and it was a pain in the butt, especially when you wanted to re-mix - you had to start from scratch everytime. And I've also had the pleasure of "riding the sliders" during a re-time mixdown. Good times! heh.

I'm just experimenting for now... That's why I asked if anyone else uses and external mixer during final mixdown... did it make a real difference in the sound? It seems like I got more "space" between tracks, but I'm probably having an auditory hallucination.