More recording problems

Synch problems with existing tracks

Should I give up now?

I did not make much progress with punchin (see previous post, 27th Dec), so I tried just recording a new track to add to the previous ones. This seemed to be going all right until I listened to the playback and the new track got gradually out of synch with the existing ones.

After some digging in this forum and the manual, I discovered that I needed to set 48k for recording on my Soundblaster Live. I set that and when I opened up the song to retry my new track, it asked me if I wanted to resample all the other tracks at 48K. (We had recorded them on a Fostex box at 44.1K.) I tried saying no - I suspect that meant that nothing was changed - so when I had another attempt to record the track, I had the same gradual lack of synch.

So finally I gave in and resampled all the original tracks at 48k. Luckily there are only 8 of them, but it took three minutes plus each, so it was half an hour’s job. I then had one final effort at the new track. Recording was rather odd, with tracks disappearing at unexpected times. I eventually found that the volume envelopes (which I had used quite extensively, with lots of volume changes) were no longer in the correct place on the time line. They were all still the right ‘shape’, but had ‘shrunk’ in length. Instead of going to -inf on each track at 6mins 30 (yes, we do like to do long songs!), they went to -inf at 5mins 55. I even tried pasting the volume envelopes from the original (not resampled) tracks, but they still ended up shrunken.

Sorry this is a long post, but I have run out of ideas. Can anyone offer any suggestions, please?


my suggestion would be rather than changing the sample frequency just to work out of 44.1k, you aren’t gaining anything by taking tracks that were recorded at 44 and converting them to 48.
Next suggestion would be to do a mix down of the tracks you have recorded on the fostex and work off of that adding new tracks, in 44.1k.

Soundblaster cards can work just fine at 44.1k, so record away, once you get all the new tracks recorded you can bring in all the files from the fostex you want to mix individually for the master.

ALso I suggesting using db poweramp or some other converter to convert the tracks, takes a lot less time to use a dedicated conversion app, than Ntrack.

You may still have synce problems in 44.1k, but that could be another issue, like lag, that can be resolved by increasing buffer speed and making sure the program priority is set to highest in preferences, and making sure all other non essential programs are off.

I can’t help you with volume envelopes, I don’t know too much about them, but I get the idea that if you are doing conversions than the real time of the changes in the song file itself is gradually increasing or decreasing (depending on which way the conversion goes, higher or lower) while the posistions of the envelopes is remaining the same :)

keep shinin

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thanks - more things to try, so I won’t give up just yet!