More recycled stuff

one for the season I think

I wrote this in 2003, recorded it on a single poor mic just vocal and guitar, then added some noises from a simple organ synth and a dulcimer played by a fellow who used to visit here. Since I’m archiving I’m also cleaning up stuff from before, and trying to get things to sound as good as possible. Anyway, overlook the atrocious guitar playing. :)

The song originally was called “Both Sides Now” - but there seems already to be a well-known song, and a rather fine one, by that name, so the name has been changed to protect the innocent. Now it’s "How Long Must We Wait?"

Thanks for listening!

How Long Must We Wait? - Click Here!

By atrocious guitar - you meant tasty and with feel… got it.

Everything you post shows a new layer of talent.

Nice job.

NO, by “atrocious” I mean hideously played and poorly recorded. :)

Thanks, Poppa!

Nice tune, simple lyrics yet, straight up and to the point, I love it! :agree:

Atrocious guitar? Hmmm, just wishing more cats could play atrocious guitar!