More settings issues

Cursor auto scrolling?

I thought there used to be a setting for this, but n-track is now autoscrolling as the track plays. This creates problems for me when I’m trying to work on the track a bit ahead of where it’s playing.

I’ve looked and looked for that setting (I know there’s one in there someplace) and I simply can’t find it. Anybody know where it’s hiding now?

Thanks, guys!

Action… AutoScroll Timeline (Ctrl-T).


Right under my frigg’n nose.

Thanks, Teej!

Just a little comment… I went to “help”, and did a search on “auto scroll” and nothing came up. This has been the case for the last few problems that I’ve posted on the forums. They’ve all been things that should be relatively easy to find in the help screens…

Flavio - I love your product, but how up to date are your help screens?