More than one computer

n-Track on two computers

I just bought a small tablet and wondered if I need to buy a second n-track for it. I only want to load n-Track on a memory card (8gig) to use while traveling on the plane. It’s not my main computer and only will be using it for editing.

The small amount of time it would be used is the reason I wonder if I can use my present copy on it.

Not trying to be overly cheap. Just can’t see buying a second copy for use just a couple times a year.


Can I purchase on one computer and use the program on another?
Yes, the computer from which you purchase the program need not be the computer where you intend to install and use the program. Also the n-Track license allows you to use the same registration codes/license to install the program on multiple computers such as your desktop and laptop.

That’s from the “Buy” page, incidentally.

Thanks Tom. Figures, the one area here I didn’t check.