More thaN ONE midi device


under preferences I can chose more than one midi device that is connected to the computer.

In my case it is



Digitech USB MIDI

however when I open a midi file it only lets me chose one or the other.

My question is can I send midi data out from Ntrack to more than one midi device connected to the computer.

I could have sworn there used to be a MASTER midi channel on V5 but can’t seem to find it on 6, but that would be the logical output source I would be wanting to send to both devices if possible.

I know I can use Midi OX or some other external software to do this but if there is a way within Ntrack that would be great too!


Urhm!? When I first grabbed 6 I was running n with a Tascam multi track and an old EVS1 synth oh and an AKAI S2000. Can’t quite recall the details but will check back when I get a mo’.