More than one VSTi live?

How play several instr. simult. live ?

I don’t understand how to play more than one VST instrument
live, playing one instrument or change between them works fine.
Bengt :(

You may be wandering into uncharted territory. It seems to me that only the highlighted MIDI track echoes. We may need to make a feature request. It certainly is a reasonable one. Anyone else ever try to do this?

BTW, there may be a workaround if you have a VSTi host program for live playing, like Chainer, or even the free VstHost. Load the VSTi’s in both n-Track and the host. Whatever MIDI track is echoing in n-Track (the last MIDI track you selected) will be played by n-Track, so mute that instrument in the host. When you play, you should hear all instruments.

The second step is to set “Record From” for each MIDI track, to use the MIDI channel or cable you’ve assigned the instrument to in the host. Note that you can select by channel or by cable but not by channel-and-cable, so make your assignments accordingly. In other words, you either have to have each instrument on a different channel, or else on a different cable (port). Use one method or the other, and not a combination of the two methods.

Now enable for record each MIDI track, and make sure to click last the track that’s muted on the host.

If my calculations are correct (as Batman used to say) …

Good luck. I think you’ll need it. :;):

PS: I don’t think there’s a problem having two programs consume the same MIDI port, but if there is, you can get around it using MIDIOX and MIDIYOKE. MIDIOX is a confusing program but an incredible one once you get the hang of it. They’re both free, too.

Thank’s! I’ll try the “record from”, using two Vst hosts playing live seems to be complicated when you need to change the “setup”. Maybee using a synth like Halion, Sonic or other, is a better way when playing live? Any oppinions?

I think that, if playing live is your main goal (and not making multitrack recordings), you’d be better of using some modular environment for that.
You could use as many VST-instruments as your cpu can manage, route them any way you can imagine and change setups with a single mouseclick or MIDI message.

I gave Cubase a try, much easyier! So, recording-n-track, live performance-Cubase( which is much more of a sequenser program) that will be the future! :D