More YouTube fun...

Broken Arrow/Neil Young

Cowgirl in the Sand.

Again - there are obvious flaws in this performance but it’s the spirit that counts!

I enjoyed it. I watched a while ago but didn’t comment…but should have. I always enjoy your band. Keep havin’ fun.


KF - thanks but unfortunately we’re not a band anymore, i.e., we switched from doing NY to doing classic rock, blues & originals.

Groovy. I did a version of Like A Hurricane on n-Track a few years back. Fun tune to rock out on! Have fun!
For some reason the forum wont keep me logged in to post my own here goes. Trying to figure out this one chord in a song from an episode of the simpsons. it goes something like this.<br><br>g c<br>you make me laugh you make me cry<br>d g<br>without you id just want to die

g ? d
for the rest of my life youll be a fixture<br><br>Im trying to figure out that question mark chord…if anyone can get it, much props to you!