morphing vsti

any ideas?

hey. I’m looking for a vsti that would have a morphing sound that would give some depth to held chords. I have plenty of interesting pad sounds, but I want the kind of depth you get from a keyboard when you have those morphing pads. Any ideas????

Don’t know about the VSTi’s, but if you don’t find one, you might make do with two copies of un-morphing synth tracks with different sounds. Compress the first one to emphasize attack, the second one to have slow attack. Route to an aux channel, add other effects (an maybe a third instant of a compressor).

Not the same sounds, but probably interesting ones anyway…

Im not sure if can help you, but this plugin,NorthPole ,maybe can help you, is a resonant filter. If not, worst save it for another things.

Ah, is free.

Additionally you can try this search result of “morphing” in KVR_VST:

What exactly is a “resonance filter”? and I searched K-V-R, but I can’t seem to find much that isn’t costly. Or at least, that costs. Perhaps I just don’t know what I should look for…

What exactly is a "resonance filter"?

try the plugin that i mentioned, and you will know what is.... :D, is free

that res filter is cool. Now if only I could find one in dx… (I use N for vstification and audition for audiomixing)

a VST Wrapper?

yeah. the problem with the vst wrapper is that you can only use it once a song. when you switch what vst you load in one instance of the wrapper, it changes it in every wrapper you have loaded. I just need to break down and buy 1.5, which HAS vst. but I’m cheap.


sorry that. I have Kristal Audio Engine and MTS to use when n-Track have any problem. Free cheap options

That’s ok. I guess I could use the effect before I import into audition. It would be 1st in the singal chain anyways. If I keep a copy of the original, it would be no problem. So thanks for the effect recommendation. I will use it. So, does anyone have any other ideas? Variety is key! :)


I was asking what you mean by morphing, i did a little google search and found this, i dont see how can help you but is interesting:
and here they have the audio examples (the links in the html page are bad)

Sorry edmund, you will be boring with my replys. :(

What I mean about morphing vsti is I want a synth sound that changes over time. Now, this could simply be phase, but an instrument that will add to the sound would be nice. I have several on my keyboard. Now, I could go into my keyboard and use those sounds, but it is pretty annoying to do w/ my set up. I like String Theory a lot, but it is not good for pad sounds.


I dont know in what way you are working. But with soundfonts and a sblive card you can get some cool variation effects using midi NRPN. Really cool and in realtime nice FX.