Most Famous Ntrack user

who is it?

hi just thought it would be interesting who is the most “famous” ntrack user!
probably Bob Rock :D



Since everyone uses aliases, who knows? There are some people in the world who would not let ego get the better of them…


I vote for limey.

Yup. Limey. What ever happened to the ol’ bean anyhoo?


was jus passin by. noticed this mates. blinkin eck. ow kind.
but i sorta moved on. now usin powertracks.
always used big N , n powertracks.
but need more midi stuff. so powertracks.
blinkin nice program as lot all av a jolly old chrissy wiv lotsa lolly.
see the audiominds put up me pyramid mixin article.
fanks fer bein nice enuf ta put me name to it.
shows me audiominds is nice blokes.

Limey is the most famous “real” character but Ted Nugent has my vote, followed by Cosmic Charlie (whoever that is :laugh: )

Of all the Limey imposters, this is the worst yet.

Hey Limey! What a great surprise! Hope all has been well with you!


Tom Spademan

the real limey dosent sighn his name,hes got a symbol that he uses like prince ,

o.k. sorry for the question

jotb, this is from the users-quotes page:


What people say about n-Track…

“Thanks for such an incredible piece of software! In our market in Lawrence KS USA if a studio does not use Pro tools they are not regarded as a quality place … well we have just finished our first CD using n-Track Studio and I have blown away the idiots that used to say Pro Tools or nothing. I am happy to say that the thousands of dollars that was saved in our budget by going with your program has given us the room to expand our operations.” - Christopher A. McAdoo, Lone Yucca Entertainment

"I have endorsements by Logic, Cakewalk, Cubase, Nuendo, and pretty much every other program worth having including the top of the line Pro tools 6.0 and I have to say n-Track is the best for audio recording and mixing. The automation and way editing are truley out standing! Speaking as a Producer/Engineer with 3 Grammys now, 12 Multi Platinum records, and more than 20 gold albums it is the program I recomend most. I am currently producing an Album for Warner Brothers, the sound track for a new season of a prime time show on the WB network (Warners also) an HBO movie feature Presentation, and a one hour special on MTV and I am using n-Track for all of the music sound tracks. I’ve used it for the Music on Jack and Jill, Everyone Loves Raymond, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and several feature films. It definitley kicks the top of the line Pro Tools software’s butt! I tell everyone here in Hollywwod that it is the best music production software anywhere!" - David E. Banta, mixing engineer & author of the “The Basics of Home Recording” video instructional series - Montrose, CA, USA

"… for only $45, you’ll get as many audio tracks as the computer can handle, DirectX support and intergrated MIDI playback. The program’s effects, though not extensive, sound very good, and the ability to view data in waveform mode and a text-based tracklist is a handy option. You’ll also have no trouble preparing files for the Internet, because a Wav-to-mp3 encoder is built into the editor", Electronic Musician magazine

"I have been using n-track studio since version 1.x and currently feel that I would never use anything else. I have realized quite amazing results with n-track. My n-track-recorded MP3 music has created four #1 hit songs (one was #1 for two months) and landed me two television sound track contracts, spots on two nationally-released CDs (one in 9 european countries). I have even been the “cover” of (April Editor pick). And all of this success is obtained by recording n-Track. I am a customer till the end… you couldn’t pay me to use anything else", Peter “preacher” Bordow, Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA.

“I just wanted to let you know I think n-Track Studio is a great piece of
software. I used to record and mix my music using a 4 track tape recorder,
which cost 10 times as much as n-Track and the results were a lot worse!” - SR, Galway, Ireland

"Congratulations on a wonderful product. I have spent 48 hrs evaluating clumsy, non-intuitive stuff from every source imagainable. Yours is the only product I’ve found that let me record & overdub my Bass within 1 minute of installation" - BH, Brokeelia, FL, USA

"My old analogue Tascam is now retired to the role of mobile sound effect
collector. Thanks again for a non-frustrating program…", TLH, Benicia, CA, USA

"I use your program every day in putting together albums in my studio for lots of bands, and it’s the best program I’ve ever seen. I also have Cool Edit Pro, but I never use it anymore. I have both your plug-in’s too, very good. Superb program, I’m very impressed!" - MM, High Wycombe, UK

"I am very please with your product and how user friendly it is. I do some production on the side for a friend of mine that has a radio show here in Miami. I would like to mention that when I tell other radio producers that I have produced radio commercials (that HAVE BEEN USED ON THE AIR) on a program that cost me $35 they have a hard time believing me. Specially after hearing them themselves, once again thanks for developing such a good product." - Mike Reyes, Miami, USA

"Friday night I was asked to record a friend’s band at the bar were I am the house sound man. I have a Tascam midistudio 688 which is a cassette based 8 track. Hmmm. Well at the last minute I downloaded your demo of n-track, along with a few other manufacturers. This was 12:00 noon on Saturday. I played with all the demos and was quite pleased with your software. I registered it and was ready for a 2:30 recording session. I recorded 3 songs and burned them a CD right at the bar. They were impressed. So was I. Thank you. You have a great product.", TE, Philadelphia, USA

"I?ve just finished a new song with n-Track Studio and what a joy to use this software, yes I?ve said it before, but I had never thought that I would be able to spend so many happy hours recording day and night. I have no time for sleep - just workin all the time - can’t help it, its just fun!" - Henrik Sj?v, Denmark

If you have a dream, then maybe your future success makes you the most famous person using N today :)