Most popular sound card

What is the most popular sound card used with N-track?

Probably onboard sound for most people, probably followed by a soundblaster of some sort. Couple of years ago the SBLive was all the rage. Plenty of people use it with more pro cards too, deltas, laylas, MOTU ect.

I think the answer depends on what you are looking for. The most popular would be a SoundBlaster of some kind – a Live or Audigy. Are you looking for suggestions on most bang for the buck, I/O channels, or just wondering what everyone is using? The most popular isn’t necessarily the best for your purposes. For multi-channel I/O of 8 channels there are a number of good choices, but most folks don’t have those kinds. They do just stereo I/O.

I use an Echo Layla20, Gina24, and Layla24, plus I have an SB Audigy 2, and C-Media (bad quality thing) on the motherboard. The Layla20, Gina24, and C-Media are in one machine. The Layla24 and Audigy 2 are in another.

im running a gadget labs 8/24. xp and asio drivers seem pretty solid.

I use the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz for four channel input. Works pretty good, but I wish they would update their drivers. I haven’t had a problem with the current drivers, but they are really old, and could probably use an update.