Most stable version of ntrack?

I’m currently using the latest version of ntrack 6.
Haven’t updated to version 7,
I’m not needing new features,
but really just want to know which version of Ntrack
has been the most stable.
know this will vary depending on hardware,
Currently I’m running on
Windows XP SP3, m-audio delta 66.
I use
for a
of my instruments.
There are a ton of little bugs,
most of which I can live with or work around (I
can explain more if it’s helpful),
but I’m talking about avoiding crashes and really annoying bugs.
Is there any consensus or experience as to which version is most stable?
of constantly adding features,
why not really work to get the program stable and reliable?
That is probably the major complaint I have and that I read about often on other forums?
love ntrack as I’ve used it for years, I
just need it to be more reliable.
Any thoughts?

I’ve found 6 to be stable on my system, pretty much same specs as yours in O.S. (optimized for audio) Asus motherboard texas instrument chip set for firewire etc. :agree:

currently I am testing the Ntrack for iOs (phone and pad) and have to say it seems to be outperforming my PC, but that is to be expected since the processor in the pad is higher! :laugh:

I’m with you, brother. I feel pretty much the same way. The latest 7 build is really good. Why not give it a try - you can always roll back to your current build.