MOTU 2408 and N-Track

Hi everyone. Is anybody using the MOTU 2408 with N-track? Here’s my problem, I’m unable to record and playback audio at the same time. In the MOTU PCI panel I selected Analog inputs 1-2 with the output coming from the computer. In the Mix Cue I have 1 and 2 enabled with analog 1-2 selected as the output on the right hand side. Inputs 1-2 and out puts 1-2 are also selected in N-TRACK. I get a signal going into the MOTU but no output unless I change the output on the PCI panel to Analog 1-2, in which I get audio output but no playback from NTRACK. I know it’s capable of this because for the last 3 years I haven’t had any problems with my set up until I made the stupid mistake of trying to upgrade my system last week with Windows XP and N-track 4… well, you probably know the rest. After several headaches and performance issues, I went back to my more stable windows 98se and N-track 3 set up only to run into this snag. Can anyone please tell me what settings I should be using for the MOTU, if in fact I’ve overlooked something? As always, your tips are very much appreciated!!! :D