Motu 828mkII ADAT chanels

Figuring out what channels are what

I’m setting up a Motu 828 connected to a Berringer Pro 8 Digital interface. I’m having issues with the right channels and settings. In CueMix everything looks good, but in the console, I’m not getting recording on tracts???

I’m using the MOTU’s ASIO drivers: Preferences>Audio Devices>1-MOTU FireWire Audio … Also click the Advanced button and under WDM/ASIO Multichannel, make sure to set output channels to 22 and Input channels to 22 also. Yes, 22 inputs for ASIO. The reason you get 22 In’s is … with ASIO the output of Mix Bus 1 shows as a stereo pair. Giving you the ability to record Mix bus 1’s output to a stereo track (or two mono tracks).
Provided you have the ADAT In’s and Out’s turned on in the MOTU control panel (which you must have the ADAT In on as CueMix is showing them) … click the hammer on the playback VU’s.
Now click Select I/O channels.
From top to bottom the Inputs are …
The first four listings are the 8 rear line level inputs.
MOTU FireWire Audio - 5 is the the two front pre-amped inputs.
MOTU FireWire Audio - 6 is Mix Bus 1’s output.
MOTU FireWire Audio - 7 is the SPDIF input.
MOTU FireWire Audio - 8 through - 11 are the 8 ADAT inputs.

When you open the record VU’s you will most likely have to undock and resize the window. Also you may need to right click on the record VU’s window and select “tile vertically”.
For each record VU pair, there will be a hammer. This will be where you select whether that pair records to a stereo track or to two mono tracks.

Hope this helps.


One minor item for an n-Track wishlist, naming of I/O channels. If you can do this in n-Track, I have not found it. I have a couple other DAW softies that allow you to rename the I/O. This allows you to name your I/O something meaningful to you rather that “MOTU FireWire Audio - 5”. In the other software I have, you could name the left channel “828 Preamp 1” and the right “828 Preamp 2” or whatever makes sense to you. Figure it out, map it once and save an empty file to use as a template.


Thanks for the reply. My set-up seems fine now however I’ve got major “stuttering” on all (6) channels. I’ve tried low buffering to high buffering and it’s still there. Any suggestions?