MOTU Digital Performer to n-Track

MID File Transfer

I am trying to transfer MIDI files from MOTU Digital Performer to n-Track. I have saved the first file as a Standard MIDI File Type 1, but n-Track persists in calling it the “Wrong File Format.” I thought Standard MIDI Files were standard and that n-Track would read Type 1 files.

Does anyone have an answer for the best method for transfering these MIDI files?


Post the file if you can. You probably aren’t exporting from Digital Performer correctly or the file got boogered as I have loaded 100s of Type 0 and 1 MIDI files into N with no problems for years.

Here’s the SMF type 1 to try:

Let me know if you see something funky about it



There is something funky about it.

I get the same message in N-track, and the regular midi player I have on my work computer also can’t play it.

I’m at work now without any serious midi tools on my PC, but can have a squiz tonight.

1st ‘kneejerk’ thought is that the MOTU DP has a sort of propriatry (SP?) format that it writes it as. (Might be wrong - I know nothing of MOTU)
100k is on the large side for a midi file (unless you’ve done some serious orchestration). It feels like there’s something written into that file that ‘regular’ midi shouldn’t have.

Like I said - take it as it comes.


Same here Lindy. n sez “Wrong file format”.

I tend to agree with Wihan 105K is a pretty darn BIG MIDI file.

Sumthin’ fishy here…


EDIT: I can’t open it with ANY of my MIDI software…

sorry - double post

Quote (Wihan Stemmet @ May 25 2006,02:45)
1st ‘kneejerk’ thought is that the MOTU DP has a sort of propriatry (SP?) format that it writes it as. (Might be wrong - I know nothing of MOTU)

Thanks, Wihan. I think I’m just doing it wrong. I thought I was following the manual, but something just isn’t working. MOTU has several export options, including those to other versions of its software and notation software.

I was just now able to open it in Finale. I’ve saved it from there, and I’m posting it here to see if I’ve found a way to do it. I don’t think it should be this tough, and I’m going to keep looking at it.

Anyway, here’s my latest attempt:

Please let me know if this one works.



That one seems to work Lindy… at least in n-Track V4.2.1 Build 2099.


Cool. Thanks, much.


P-BecauseILovedYousmft1.mid doesn’t appear to be a midi file, at least not a standard one that will work with any midi app I own. Are you sure it was exported as a standard midi file? There’s a lot of data in there that is not midi.