Move half of stereo track

I have a stereo track with (non-MIDI) drums Left, and scratch vocal Right. How can I take the drum side only over to a new track, please?

I have searched the PDF guide for BOUNCE, but haven’t located an answer.

Thanks all.

Track > Split Stereo Track should work.

There are a lot of commands available in the program. I think your frustration will be eased if you will take some time to load a practice song with 3 or 4 tracks and start checking the menu options available. As I mentioned be for, some menu items are available under right-click.

WOW that was easy!
You are right, I need to wander around and experiment more.
Thanks, Bax3 :;):

You would do better to set you tracks up as mono tracks instead of stereo. That way they are separated, and if you record anything that would be stereo, you can still manipulate it as stereo, just pan one hard left, the other hard right; or, you could run them as two mono tracks. This program is definitely all about options.