Move tool lockup in 2008

Can’t move individual file segments

I installed 4.1.5B 2008. At this point I can’t move individual spliced-out file segments. The move (time shift) tool selects the entire track to move, regardless of what I do. No keyboard keys are depressed or locked. Same problem on two different computers. Same problem on older files that worked fine when I was editing them. No such problem with previous versions. Is it a bug or a new toggle option I don’t know about? Help! I tried switching to Adobe Audition and it sucks!

Reloaded build 1980 and it works. Bug in 2008. Be advised.

Sure is.

Build 2006 seems to be OK though…

Flavio came through once again… check the latest build (2012)… (I wish I was that good at slinging code…).