Move track up efficiently?

How to move track up efficiently?

What’s the easiiest way to move a track from the bottom of the … the part that shows me the signal of each track, each track below the previous… to the top?

And what is the name of that part of the UI? I how could I have learned the name of it on my own? I’m completely straight on this, not knocking NT at all. I probably just didn’t study things long enough. From the “View” dropdown, the best fitting name was perhaps “Track List” but like some other entries in the View dropdown, nothing changed when I chose the option.

Which leads to the next question: what about those View entries that don’t seem to do anything? “Track List”, “TimeLine”.

Leo (Obviously a newbie) Tohilll

The part you are referring to is timeline I guess. Therefore nothing seems to happen when you push the timeline button.

I don’t have n-track here now, but try clicking the track you’re going to move with the right button of the mouse. A widow opens where a lot of options concerning the particular track - maybe the move thingie is there (it’s somewhere anyway, I’ve done it)

Yep. There’s a “move track up” and “move track down” there. The selected track moves as many places up/down as you click.

And yes, the section where you see the tracks and wave files down after another is called timeline. The track list is a list where the names, leghts, volume and pan setting etc are listed. If you click it in the view menu it opens. If it’s already opened you probably find it under the timeline window and thus it seems like nothing happens.

No problem. Actually nothing you asked is covered in manual. Astonishing actually.

A quicker way would be to click on the track name (don’t click on the wave form) in the timeline view and drag the track up to where you want it. When you let go of the mouse it’ll move the track to that row and move all the others down one space.

the tracklist/timeline/pianoroll is part of the midi program included in ntrack,but if you dont have a midi file loaded(imported) nothing will happen when you push timeline or track list,carry on,

Thanks for all your replies. Still, no joy.

- I knew about right-click, “Move track up” but that is painfully slow when you want to move up 20 positions.

- I can’t get the drag method to work, at least not reliably. From the toolbar I choose the “dragging” tool (compass arrows) and per the popup help I try holding shift while dragging but I only got it to work once or twice.

- I do have MIDI files loaded. Curious that you say that if you don’t have MIDI loaded you don’t get a timeline. I wonder where the WAVs appear then? I’ll have to check!

Thanks all.

Try it using the selection arrow (not the compass one). Works for me - I’ve been following this thread because I’ve had the same problem; having to move one track up 7 or 8 positions is tedious.

This way seems to work well though.

Oh, wait, NOW IC! uncoiled told me what to do, but I didn’t read carefully enuf. You have to click in the title area of the timeline track. I was clicking everywhere else.

Now joy. Thanks.