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I’ve been asked to write music for a documentary, about a rather serious topic, the murders of a whole bunch of workers’ kids about 100 years ago in the middle of a union/management war.
Here’s the first bit - curious what y’all think - ignore my bad piano “playing”:…6876070

Listen to this one twice, if you would be so kind…

Very melancholy… certainly fitting for the topic. I can “see” the opening of the movie. That’s what you want I think. Even though I haven’t actually seen the intro, the music is developing the image.

Well done IMO.

Simon? :p


PS Soundclick links always give “invalid songID” errors. I have to navigate to the artists main page. Wazzup with that?

Simon? Simon says?

Lame attempt at humor… “Simon Cowell”.


Who’s he?

Nicely done - love the strings - I excuse your piano playing… :agree:

Let us know when and if we can see the finished product. Sounds interesting.

Will do, Poppa. Lot of very talented people involved, sort of lucky to be in on it.

Quote: (TomS @ Sep. 08 2008, 8:16 PM)

Who's he?

Obammer's first VEEP pick but he was busy with Paula and Randy...

Just skip it... get back to your excellent theme. I like it, keep cookin'...


Geee…now even Tom has been corrupted…like a virgin, never heard of Simon even once…


:agree: :agree:

Like Poppa I likes the strings!

(Simon Sez, I thought that wuz Dennis Rodman)

Very haunting. I think it’s beautiful, sad, but beautiful.

Ange x

Beautiful Tom!

Dennis Rodman - I know who he is!

That Simon guy - now I know - never seen the show, actually.

Thanks for listening, all…got a lot of music to do for this project, gonna post a lot of it. Be mean in your comments.


Be mean in your comments.

I've been mean enough for one night Tom. Maybe you should say "Be meaningful in your comments."?

I look forward to your additional material. :agree:

I enjoy doing music for video/film. Especially since quite often they don't WANT singing! :p


Mean? A little sadness… innocence… a well-crafted melody. Sorry, but nothing mean to say here.

Gets the innocence and sadness, yet seems to capture it in an old fashioned way (meant in a good way) ie. right for the time it happened.

Look forward to hearing the finished thing

Hmmm…obviously you guys hate me and are being mean by not being mean…hmmm…

I’ve about had it with your pissin’ and moanin’ too Tom!

(how’s that?)

Tom you suck! :laugh: