Moving n-track to a new computer

Moving n-track to a new computer

I just bought a new laptop for doing recordings and wanted to port n-track onto the laptop. I’m assuming I won’t have to buy a new licence (since I just got one a few months back) but I’m not sure how to proceed. Please advise if anyone has done this before or can tell me what I should do.

NO problem. Just enter the registration number that you received when you paid for your software.

1: Download latest version to laptop
1A: copy it to a cd/flashcard/memorystick if laptop isn’t internetting
2: install
3: use your (already purchased) code to register it.
4: plug up to your interface (preferably external)
5: Spend as much as you can afford for a talent-simulation plug-in (can’t help thinking how great my music would be if I had one!) and install it on all your computers
6: record the first of your billion selling, worshiped by the critics, Pulitzer Prize winning, albums!


Okay, 5 is a joke, and 6 is just wishful thinking; but 1 through 4 should get you rolling on your new system. Good luck!

'til later;
tony w

o.k. how can I retrieve my registration code? I don’t think I kept it written down.

If you got unfinished songs on your old computer, it might be a good idea to finish those on that same old one.


:agree: and back them up on a drive that can shuttle between the two machines.

success! Everything ported…thank you everyone for your assistance.