Moving parts between tranks


Please be patient with this Newbie… I did search through the manual before I asked this…

I’m happily dragging wav files from one track to another. But I need to be real careful to avoid shifting the files on the timeline. Is there a keyboard shortcut (or something similar) which restricts this?


from track to new track or left or right in a track?

holding shift while dragging will keep them in line with grid.

I meant dragging from track to track.

I’ve just tried holding the shift button down while dragging & IT WORKS!

That’s wierd. I’m 100% sure that I tried holding down SHIFT last night (and also tried ALT & CTRL) but it didn’t work then. I was using a different PC with a wireless keyboard (with built in mouse). I wonder if the keyboard has problems to detect these multi key combinations… It’ll check again.

Thanks for the quick reply. It’s late afternoon for me. It must be pretty early for you :wink:


you’re welcome Andy… 8 in the morning here Bruffie’s email woke me up at 5:46 AM… Gotta remember to turn my phone off at night. :laugh: