Moving portions of Wav files

The file doesn´t behave properly

Hello all,

Is anyone having problems when editing sections of wav files? When I move a part, the part doesn´t move but the waveform moves “into the box” so to speak. I cannot see where I am moving the part. Also when I try to move a part to a different track, the part may become larger and the waveform dissapears. Similar things happen when I enlarge the files by dragging them to the left or right: the image doesn´t refresh in real time so I have no clue how far I am expanding the part. I need to zoom in and out so the screen refreshes and I can see what I have done to the parts. Editing is becoming a nightmare and it is slowing down my project.

By the way, I am using the latest version of n-track in a P4 2,6Ghz with a very decent video card.

Thank you all for your input!


This sounds like a problem that Flavio addressed and fixed in Build 2033. Are you using an older build than that one? If so, download and install a newer build.



Yeap! Much better now!