Moving songs to a new program?

I’m trying to figure if there’s a way to save my track files for a song in N-Track so that i could import them into a new program without having to time-align.

I’m seriously considering moving to Linux, or atleast using Reaper more now. N-Track has been a total disaster on my computer.

Solo each track one at a time and do a mixdown. Remember to turn off the effects if you don’t want them. (I guess you could “freeze” each track instead)

This will give you a bunch of tracks that all start at “zero” to import into your new programme.

Print out the song information page (it’s on the menu somewhere) if you want to keep a record of the effects etc.

You didn’t expect this to be easy did you? (Not surprising really - we purposely don’t provide too many export mechanisms from the software we make here - we don’t want to make it easy for our competitors to import a customer’s data).

N-track uses some type of proprietry binary file to store the song into - I note that REAPER uses an XML type file for its song file. Makes it readable by a human (just!) which can be helpful.


oh, and don’t forget to export any MIDI files in your project.

Can transfering files back and forth create any anomalies in a wav?

No… unless you write to the wav…
If either app applies edits destructively then it may write to the wav, but most do not (or give you the option whether or not to use destructive or non-destructive editing)