MP3- Critque Wanted

Feel free to comment on the song and the recording. All comments are much appreciated!



For some reason this link is not working


It’s working. Maybe my server was down. Give it a shot now.

I gave it a listen. The instruments are played quite well, although without a lead instrument the tune can’t hold interest for very long; I only heard a lead guitar at the beginning and toward the end.

The whole mix though does not sound very balanced. I think it is because it lacks something in the mid-range (could be that’s where a lead instrument should be). I don’t know anything about recording drums. Although the drums are not bad sounding, they are not great either. Sorry I don’t have any ideas for you how to make them sound better. The bass sounds good to me.

I’d give this another listen if you decide to add more of a melody line to it.


I kind of liked the track, nice because it was not trying to hard to be somethin else.

Thanks. I don’t have lead in a lot of places because I want to work on vocals for the song. It isn’t meant to be an insturmental which it is now.

The drums suck because the drum set sucks. That all there is to that , ha.

The bass did come out pretty good for being a $125 dollar Fender Squire bass!


hi, I heard your song. I would be a very interesting song if it had vocals. Also, I would make the drums more quietly, so that the other instruments can be heard better (like the lead guitar).:slight_smile:

Yep, it needs some vocals. Maybe I will try to do some.