mp3 encoder in ntrack

is it already installed?

i thought the mp3 encoder was already installed in n since i remember i just used to have to check create also an mp3 when mixing down. am i mistaken? since now when i try to do this it has an error message that says bladeenc is not installed. however i downloaded and unzipped and installed it in the bladeenc folder to no avail. yet i still get the same message.i am using ver 3.3 since it still works perfectly fine for my needs any help is appreciated.thanks message.

I am glad you posted this message. I also tried both files from Bladenc and installed them in mulitple places trying to get it to work with no luck. I am running windows XP and N 4.3. I have created MP3’s in the past with v3.x and never had a problem using the same process you were using. If you get anything to work, please post what it is??!


yeah im not sure what happened but i am pretty sure i only needed to just tell it to create the mp3.

since the encoder in n doesnt seem to work does anyone know of any good free encoders? without spyware preferably :0 i only use it now and then so a freebee should do and also does anyone have any links to older versions of ntrack? thanks dan

since the encoder in n doesnt seem to work does anyone know of any good free encoders?

dBpowerAMP converter has had nice recommendations in previous threads...


I just noticed that Audacity has the ability to export a file as an MP3. I guess it could be mixed down in N and then opened in Audacity and exported as MP3.


Get the LAME encoder. It’s the best out there and it’s free. Get the RazorLame GUI to go with it and you can encode with all the options for free. I think you can set up N to fire off Lame instead of Blade, seems like I did that before…

BTW - you have to get LAME to use in Audactiy for mp3…