MP3 for 64 bit

MP3 convert not working for me

I downloaded download 8/19/2013
Unzipped it gives me lame_enc.dll with a date of 11/15/2008

I am under the impression that the dll file only needs to be locatable to use it.
However, n_Track build 3092 is not locating it when I tell it where I put the dll.

Is MP3 convert working for you?
Where do you get the 64 bit file? (the links on ntrack page are not giving me access to 64 bit file that I recognize as Lame and safe)
Where do you put the dll so that n-track finds it.

Okay - don’t know what I did before, but I got the 64 bit version loaded and working. I created a new folder for Lame on the C drive and extracted it there. Then clicked on the Lame.exe file. Told n_TRack where the dll was located. No instructions were in the zip file. I have no idea what the Lame.exe did ad the dll was already created in the folder.

Glad to hear you got it working. I’ll leave this post here a few days then I’ll move it to tips and tricks,

THX, Bax