MP3 Import

Hello everyone!

Currently moving off Mac and back onto PC. Deserting Garageband (of course) and looking into getting back onto N-track or some other PC DAW.

My Question. In version 4 there does not seem to be a way to import an MP3 file (only .wav). Has this been addressed in version 5 of N-track? Or is there something I’m missing when trying to import an Mp3 file?



Yep…assiming what I see all works.

WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG and FLAC are all shown as supported file typs in the Import Wave File Dialog.

V4 only imports .wav, .ogg, flac and CDA formats. V5 adds mp3 and .wma import.


OK…one more question then. Can I export 1 track as an mp3? I know I can mix a song down into mp3, but I have need at points to simply grab 1 track in a song and export it as an mp3. Possible?

Yep. Mute the tracks you don’t want.


Quote: (Diogenes @ Mar. 29 2008, 9:33 PM)

Yep. Mute the tracks you don't want.


Or solo the one you do want :-)

Or use the brilliant conversion tool from or somesuch and get a Lame codec conversion that is better @ low bitrates than Blade.

If n still uses Blade, that is. I dunno these daze…

.wma is better than mp3 anyhow.

Nrack can use Lame now

…then again, you can’t import an MP3 song and export just the guitar or just the bass…