MP3 Pro Files may not play well

Can you give this song another listen

My first post had me scratching my head. The feedback told of poor sound quality. Then I played the file on other players & had to agree with the feedback. It was made in MP3 Pro. If your player isn’t equipped for it, it will sound like crap. I have reposted the song in regular MP3 format. Can you all give it a listen and leave me some feedback on sound quality & production value. The song itself is nothing to brag about, it’s meant to be filler on my friend’s CD. I was given the job of making it sound as good as possible with some mediocre equipment. Be brutal if you feel it, but please restrict your comments to recording related topics, not performance issues.

Big Bus Blues

I liked it.
Production sounded great to me, you say you did this with under par equip.? In that case it’s a heck of an acheivment.
Everthing sounded crisp and clear, even on these cheezy computer speakers.
I’ve had simular problems with bit rates, Mp3, ect. On a low-fi stream even the best sounding song can fall apart.
The placement of the instuments sounded very natural to me. Like everyones in the same room(or bus i guess) and sharing a freindly cup of joe.
Gotta give credit were it’s due, so, great job Bear!


Niiiiice…Nicely done. Very clear and open.

The EQ on the accoustic guitar sounds a little scooped out, I want to hear the mid tones for it. The pick tone is very clear, but (personally…) I’d like to hear more of it’s tone.

Beautifully played/recorded/mix.

Thanks for the listen.


Thanks for the feedback. I think the acoustic guitar lost a little tone from all the mixing down of the tracks. My computer is only a 500mhz processor, so I had to mix down often to keep it from overloading.