mp3 splitter


Can anyone recommend a free mp3 splitter.
Did a jam last night and need to make some sepate tracks.

Most audio editors should be able to do it.
I’m pretty sure Goldwave will handle mp3’s.
Cool Edit Pro will as well if you have it.


So will n-Track; just convert the mp3 to wave using a tool like dBPowerAmp Music Converter. Of course, you have to do it manually.

If it’s only one stereo mp3 then there is no way to separate it into separate instrument tracks, if that’s what you want, except left and right. You may can eq out what you don’t want, ands vocal eliminators that basically get rid of everything dead centered.

I assumed he wants to separate different songs into one-song-per-file.

Phoo is right that you can’t unmix what has been mixed.