Mr Man

new song

I kinda need some help here, if only to have some reason to get my arse back into gear and start recordig again, have had no feedback from 76 letters i sent out to publishers, guess it’s wounded me a little. I miss you guys and i miss my ‘mojo’.

I wrote ‘Mr Man’ a few months ago (you might have heard it on my radio gig) and to be quite honest, it’s the last song i wrote, (life is manic at the mo) anyhow, i need to get it recorded.

I can’t seem to get the guitar to sound any good at all, Anyone fancy trying to put a guitar track down for me? i was hoping phoo may do the drums and maybe tom might have a go at the bass? (or mandolin for that matter!) anyone fancy giving it a go?

Ange x

radio session
(roughly half way through)

Gimme a scratch and a click and I’ll be ready to go. :)


Go girl!!

Phoo…hhhhmmm…you do drums?.. :cool:

Phoo does drums!

Quote: do drums?...... :cool:

Phoo definately does drums!


Hi Angie,
Don’t let the cool breeze from all those letters get to you.
That doesn’t reflect on your singing ability. I’ve heard you sing.
You have an outstanding voice.
I don’t know about your playing though.
Or remember your band sound.
But I do remember your voice.
I delt with a LARGE publisher, I mean gigantic!
And learned a couple things about them and what they are looking for.
(we talked on the ph extensively)
To the point.
The ar rep said that if they play a demo, that comes through the mail.
They give it 10 to 15 seconds. If in that time period they hear anything at all wrong; recording quality, intonation or tuning off on the guitar, crappy mix, nutty lyrics, wrong style for the time, in other words any excuse to dump it in the trash they do, immediately, and move on to the next.
Because they have many to look at.
On the other hand he said that if someone is creative it catches there attention and makes them curious.
He went on to explain that when he got my demo he also got one from a women in Austin Tx that sent one high heal shoe along in the box, it was just something that caught their attention as he explained it, and she got an interview.

They see and hear some pretty good artists all the time.
So they break it down;
who has the most chrisma, who has a following etc.
I don’t know what you sent.
But I think a lot of indies including myself believe the big guys are going to know, are going to see through the bad mix or slack guitar tuning, or the low budgett wireing job, and find the diamond in the rough.
The nice, good person that they can mold into a music machine.
In reality, they are pretty much looking for a finished product.
So asking for help is right on!
Make your standards high! You definitely have voice!
If in fact you where not trying to reach the big industry people, never mind.
Good luck to you,

Levi… thank you. X

I hope that one day I can find my place as a songwriter, but creating a finished product is somehow out of reach for me alone, if the only way to make it as a songwriter
is to be a singer, instrumentalist and sound engineer, to own a top of the range recording studio etc etc, well you know where i’m going with this! so as you said…


asking for help is right on!


Make your standards high

that’s why I asked you guys.x :D

Oh, and in other news…I’ve finally ordered my Tbone mic and pop screen modest but mine! :agree:

Ange x

Angie my dear,
I don’t mean this in a bad way.
But I truely think that your going to have to get over your honeymoon period before your going to be of use to anyone as a writer or singer :wink: :wink: :wink:
If you catch my drift.


Oh, btw, I wouldn't mind throwin a guitar riff at ya now and then.

I’ve heard similar things to what Levi is saying. If the song doesn’t capture their attention right from the start, they move on without listening to the rest of it. Other suggestions would be to limit your demo to three songs, and put your best one first. It also sounds like you were aiming at every publisher whose address you could find. If it’s possible, narrow down your mailings to companies you know are looking for material similar to yours. Given the uniqueness of your material, and the quality of your voice and musicianship, you will have an easier path to success performing your own songs rather than looking someone else to sing them. You’ve definitely got the talent.

…what he said.

You’re in a perfect position to market yourself as an artist not just a songwriter.

“Top of the range recording studio”…YOU HAVE ONE ON YOUR PC!!! (it’s called nTrack) :laugh:

I’ve sent 3 submissions so far to targetted publishers. Only ONE keeps writing back saying ‘thanks…but no thanks’ (Dalmatian Music who publishes James Blunt)

Just keep on sendin’!!

Google the International Songwriters Association. They have a list of all the artists you can compare yourself too, and their publishers…Target these guys…

You are too kind guys :)


Google the International Songwriters Association. They have a list of all the artists you can compare yourself too, and their publishers…Target these guys…

excellent, will do.

Ange x

Hi Ange,
I got to know Ange a little last night.
I downloaded your clip (i hate downloading!) but I have to say after hearing you play live on air, that I think you are a finished product.
Everyting you did was great.
The way you handeled the DJ, your playing and singing, your personality.
All winners.

This might be out of personal prefrence but I wonder if you and Craig can sing out.
With power. As if half way through a verse you sat on a tac. If I where managing you I would suggest you work on projecting your voice across a room some.

About your songs for sale; is there a title to the songs?
A CD title? Or did I miss that?

Anyway your guitar is out of tune on a couple of them the first one on the list actually.
"Live Like Me"
So that’s not a good start if thoes you sent off to are hearing that first thing.

“Guess I Didn’t Think” has something a little out of tune to.
Sorry, I hate telling you that.
But that has no bearing on your live performance.
And you have that down!

…Acoustic guitars always sound much better with compression.
Do you have a sound system that you use for your gigs?
Or an amp for your guitar?

…Try to get compression on your guitar for live to.
Your voice needs no effects, possible,
…the aid of a sound system to make you heard across the room.

…Craig is right on the money.
You just have to target your audience, of which your publisher would be apart of.

…Thought your strongest song = “The Words To Write it All”.
…Kevin’s has a good formula for a demo!

Glad you like me music Levi :)


About your songs for sale; is there a title to the songs?
A CD title? Or did I miss that?

the words to write it all

I have had pretty shabby equipment till lately, i was using a stagepass 300 for both gigs and recording, now, thanks to the support of tom, i have a tascam and have finally got a tbone mic instead of using my Samson gig mic. (quality should be a lot better in recordings to come.)
I appreciate your honesty, I’ve never really been a great musician, I have pipes and I write but i am no guitarist/flautist :( that’s kind why I’d decided that my only path was to write and let someone else perform!
I’ve been doing alot of work on vocals lately and have finally written another song, so watch this space…i’d appreciate your honesty about what you think of the new recordings too, it’s good to have some useful critique.

Ange x

ps…i’d love for you to have a go at putting some tract to some of my stuff Levi, i’m just getting used to the new mic this week, but should have some files for everyone to play with soon. x

Your guitar writing and playing is really very good! So good that anyone would enjoy hearing and rehearing it. Your one heck of a musician! Human! Look at all the responsibilities you have out side of music. And you still get this done at a high level. Hey, I have to go over exercises hundreds of times to better myself on the guitar. And all I have to do is put the cookies and milk down. You’ve got to be a mommie too!
My hats off to you ma’am!!!