Mr Soul's great news of the day

  1. House GOP Giving Ground on Ethics Rules. This reverses the reversal the Republicans did earlier, i.e., the “Delay rule”. They caved into to people who support ethics.

    2) Governor of Baghdad is assasinated. Things are really looking up for the upcoming election in Iraq.

    2) Social Security formula would cut payouts to retirees. Bush has begun to release plans on how he’ll dismantle Social Security. Stay tuned.

    Mr Soul

Well mike,
As far as cutting pay out’s to retirees, wasn’t it bad enough they raised the age quota?
At least they are putting the women and children first.
I think they are using this strategy to offset the increasing amount of baby boomers who are now reaching that age.
Heck they’ve know for years this was coming and instead of each administration working towards a eventual solution, they all want to go in there with a quick fix. And it’s sad because we are so far beyond a quick fix, as a result someones gonna have to be cut back.
It’s getting to the point were is seems they are trying to set the age higher than the average life expectancy anyway, so what’s the difference if the few surviving folks get less also? Hey, at least they are alive to get something!
Anyway, I think this is also a result of the 2.2% increase they just alloted for the cost of living. This new money’s gotta come from somewhere.
They give a little and take a little from somewhere else, ain’t that always the way?
Anyway, social security is destined to fail regardless of what each canidate does, the numbers will never even out over four years, 8 years, 20 years, forget it.
What about all that money from the lotery my home state says benifits senior citizens? (PA)
I haven’t talked to one geezer, who has seen a dime of the 4.5 Billion dollars they made last year alone.
Now my gov. (Ed Rendell) wan’t to open a casino in my neighbrohood promissing once again to give the added revenue to releive property tax, and of course help the old people, PLEASE! That will be the day, when a polotitian actually makes good on His/Her promisses.
They will get they’re casino, and we will get the shaft, no doupt. And I will fell ashamed, cause I voted for him!
Oh well, till next time…

keep shinin’


Don’t feel ashamed Jerm, doesn’t matter any more who ya voted for, cause they’s all crooks! The lottery been big issue here for years (NC) and it’s libs against conservs (Southern Baptist) saying poor people don’t need to gamble their money away, so they’s go across state line and play the Virginia lotto, or drive up to the Cherrokee nation and play in the native american casino’s. It’s all alot of Blah Blah Wolf Wolf anyways!


What about all the tobacco money. Shouldn’t smokers get free health care? It only makes sense. That is what the lawsuits were for. It was to pay for the burden smokers put on the health care system. It seem that most states are using it for college funds and other things. Go figure.

Brad, I don’t know about the USA and the rest of the world, but in the UK, the revenue raised by duty on tobacco and alcohol is greater than the entire cost of the NHS!

Which is why, when I go into a hospital, I feel no qualms at all about coughing over everyone! :D


Ah but social security money goes to fight wars , right. You have to get a grip on how things work, we need funds to bomb people with oil, get the money outta the retirement funds, what do we tell the people, tell em anything, they believe in wrestling and Jerry Springer so it doesn’t matter what ya tell em. (RANT) I don’t believe crap I read or see on TV. This is just another human being reporting on an issue. The same person will lie to your face, stab ya in the back, and kick yer dog when you aren’t looking (And then do a promo for the Springer Show). We are dealing with humans, contrary to popular belief, we all lie cheat and steal to get what we want. It’s true. No one is perfect and far from it. So taking stock in what someone writes or reports on the idiot box, is just lame. Wake up people! If they want you knowing what actually goes on in the world, we wouldn’t have spent 5 yrs of tax dollars trying to figure out if Bill actually did get a blow job! How bout putting them coins in the retirement paychecks. You talk about this stuff like ya can change it, change the world. It’s all about GREED and who gets the biggest slice of pie. Yer not gonna stop it, change it, or even make it better, and fretting about it puts me into a fit of rage and running around screaming, pulling the hair outta my ears. (End of rant)

On the other hand, I could be wrong.
Sorry 'bout that. :D