MR Soul, dont trust anything in MN...

I cannot believe I live here…

From anti-strib blog:

This one is so incredibly baffling to me, I cannot fathom what the state is thinking here.

State Initiative would help school diversity

Help school diversity?? Yep, you got it. Warning - White guilt ahead.

An effort to increase diversity in Lakeville schools is causing controversy among parents and school board members.
The state-led initiative would diversify Lakeville?s 14 schools by making the district work more closely with the neighboring Burnsville district.

Currently, minorities compose only 8 percent of students in the Lakeville district, fully 20 percent lower that the proportion in Burnsville.

Gotta love white guilt! 8% looks low in comparison to a neighboring suburb, now they want to get “more in line” with Burnsville. Are you kidding me? Is this REALLY the most relevant thing to be concerned with in this or ANY school district?

Lakeville School Board Member Judy Keliher supports the state plan, which would cost the state $70,000.

Um, scuse me? Beg pardon? 70K? And you people bitch about being short on cash, yet the state forks over 70K like it’s no issue to start up a program to diversify a district? How are we doing on those ABC’s and 123’s gang? How about learning about the constitution and the bill of rights?

“We want people to know everybody is welcome in our schools, and that nobody is any different form anybody else,” says Keliher. "With that we’ll just have happier, healthier kids, and I think that’s what it’s all about.?

Oh dear god. If you have an 8% minority headcount, doesn’t that mean you are already telling folks that they are welcome? Let’s make this easy for everyone, even the white guilt liberals, to understand - the ethnic makeup of a community dictates your minority % in the schools. If ethnicities choose to live in a specific place, it’s because THEY CHOOSE to do so.

Who the holy #### came up with cockimamy scheme? Wile. E. Coyote?

And how does celebrating diversity make happier and healthier kids? Do the kids really give a rip or do you think they might be more concerned with actually LEARNING? My kids are 11 and STILL don’t see a difference between white, yellow, brown, green, etc. In essence, the state is spending this money so that they WILL see the difference.

Lakeville parent Becky Nystuen agrees, saying "we need to learn to be together."

The blood is beginning to boil. If you REALLY meant that Becky, then why not offer this to the Mpls school district. Instead of the district picking Burnsville, a neighboring suburb, why not take some kids from North and enroll them in your quaint suburban schools. HMM???

The plan could ultimately last up to three years, and cost the state up to $1 million.
The plan would be voluntary for students and would not include forced busing. Instead, the districts would hold joint field trips, summer school and even joint magnet schools.

Ok, now I’m officially pissed. So we’ve heard 70K and 1M. which is it? And joint field trips? HUH? What in the #### is going on in this school district? So we, the taxpayers, are going to spend money, but make it voluntary? So we could spend up to 1M in 3 years and have NO kids moving schools.

This reminds me of what Marty (played by Wallace Shawn) said to Clark Griswold in Vegas Vacation: (paraphrased)

“Here’s an idea: Why don’t you give me half your money, then we’ll go out back, I’ll kick you in the nuts, and we’ll call it a day!”

And what if white kids want to move to the Lakeville district from Burnsville? Could they get the same opportunity?

Some parents think the money could be better spent elsewhere.


“I just think it’s frustrating when there’s obviously money available for a study like this, and there isn’t money for the students who are already here, trying to go to class,” says parent Kris Mills.
At least one member of the Lakeville board agrees, saying the state could better spend the money elsewhere.

Hoo-rah to that, at least they covered the other side of this ridiculous waste of taxpayer money. Honestly, I’ve heard some doozies in my years, but this one is as stupid as it gets. This is white guilt at it’s finest folks.

Actually there’s a reason for mixing higher & lower income brackets per school - you may be able to get more Federal money. I bet you love the argument don’t ya Clarke :laugh:

wha, wha, what?????

WHY??? Someone has to tell me why on earth that matters????

There is only 1 good reason to take a kid from Burnsville and send them to Lakeville. BETTER SCHOOLS. Period. End of discussion. I don’t give a flying #### what color they are, what socio-economic background they come from or what language they speak.

The state shouldn’t be mandating "diversity"

This happens on it own, over time…or it doens’t.

Diversity is important IMO, but more importantly, opportunity is even more important.

Do you think we should have bused blacks in the sixties then?

It’s not as simple as you make it, i.e., better schools = socio-economic background.

Mike, how is it not simple?

8% of the district is “minority” already. The state is trying to make that number higher, for what purpose?

Like I said, if they were moving kids around because the schools are better in Lakeville(which they are…) then I am 100% behind it. but that is NOT the reason they are doing it.

I don’t know enough about the MN program to really comment on it.

However, if it bothers you, you should send your kids to private school. That’s what I do & they’re with the most diverse bunch of rich kids that they’ve ever been with :laugh:

as do I. Uniforms alone is worth the tuition of a private school(another subject for another time…)

It bothers me that the state is paying to do what should be taking place organically

that’s all.

Both my kids have to wear uniforms & they don’t like it. I love it! See - conservatives & liberals can share some of the same values ???

oh Mike…what would the ACLU say if they read that???


I doubt if they’d say anything but I can ask them if you’d like - I’m a card-carrying member.

not if they find out your stance on unis! holy shit! you have been outed!

one less useless lawsuit for them to file, I guess! :wink:

Quote (Mr Soul @ June 22 2006,15:38)
I'm a card-carrying member.

Why am I not surprised... er... no offense...


i seen the same thing go down in milwaukee 30 yrs ago,no one wanted it,specially the kids,an they bused people all over town,makin it a long day for anyone whom had to get on that bus an ride to another made a mess of any kind of education there was to be had,instead of worryin bout readin written an rithmatic,they was now worried bout race issues and fighting,good job there city fathers,guess what,30 yrs down the road its still a mess,and education has sufferd for it.

What’s wrong with the ACLU? Do you really know what they do or do you base your opinion on the spin you hear?

Here is ONE example…


High School Valedictorian Refuses to Bow Down, Has Speech Censored

Brittany McComb was the valedictorian at Foothill High School recently. She graduated with a 4.7 GPA. She earned the right to address the other graduates at Foothill, located in Henderson, Nevada.
She gave a copy of her graduating speech to the school administrators. It contained some Biblical references and even mentioned (one time) the name “Christ.” The school administrators censored some of the Biblical references. They also censored the single reference to Christ.
Then the school officials handed the speech over to the ACLU for approval and/or more censoring. After getting the OK from the ACLU, Brittany’s speech (minus the censored references to the Bible and Christ) was approved. Brittany was warned that if she deviated from the ACLU approved language, her mike would be cut off.

Then came the moment for the big decision. She would not bow down, she decided. She would go with her original version. She stepped to the mike and began her speech. But just before she could utter the name “Christ,” her mike went dead. School officials silenced her. The crowd of 400 jeered for several minutes, angry at the action of the school officials. The ACLU was happy. They had silenced another Christian.
“I went through four years of school at Foothill and they taught me logic and they taught me freedom of speech. God’s the biggest part of my life. Just like other valedictorians thank their parents, I wanted to thank my lord and savior,” Brittany said.
Because she refused to bow down to the ACLU’s idol of gold, she did not get her wish. She was censored.
This young heroine deserves praise and a thank you from those who believe in free speech.

… of many. Spin? I don’t think so.


The most telling part of the article is,


Because she refused to bow down to the ACLU’s idol of gold…

The reporter has an obvious bent against the ACLU… “idol of gold”? come on…

But in all fairness, just like the Republican party trying to legislate “marriage” and “sexual preferences”, the ACLU should just butt out and find real civil liberties battles to fight.

One of the things that has made the Republican party great is it’s commitment to small government and keeping government involvement out of the individual’s business. That is just one of the things I miss most about real Republicans. In many cases, the ACLU is just a bunch of ambulance chasing lawyers forcing their opinion on the average Joe. :(

You got it Doc. That about sums up the whole enchitortilla… :D


Well I looked into the Brittany McComb issue & found alittle more than you presented. First of all it was the school district that censored her not the ACLU. However your report misleds the reader into thinking that the big, bad ACLU was at fault. Secondly, if you knew anything about the ACLU you would find that they actually fought another case for another student to put biblical references in her yearbook, after the school censored her. So let’s not mix apples & oranges. Let’s present the real facts.

This is what the school district said about her speech:


Bill Hoffman. “We encourage people to talk about religion and the impact on their lives. But when that discussion crosses over to become proselytizing, then we tell students they can’t do that.”

I agree with this.

The ACLU is not against school uniforms. dunno where that one came from, Clark.

In any case, I will let them give Christian sermons in those contexts when they let my kids give pagan ones.

You guys don’t really appreciate the church/state thing, nor do you understand diversity. Sorry about that. Mike, if your kids are experiencing more diversity in a private school, that’s really, really wierd.

You talk like a bunch of white guys from the white wealthy suburbs.