M:B:T offset for VSTi

Is there any way of doing this?

I’m running fruity loops studio as a VSTi and trying to synchronise the two clocks which are both set at M:B:T for the same time signatures. There is a coarse offset which can be set on the VSTi itself, but I can’t find anyway to get the clocks exactly even to compensate for latency. I’d like to do this as the song has a number of tempo changes which happen on exact beats in FL, which when programmed into ntrack happen off-beat. I’ve tried the MTC and Midi clock sync offset stuff but this doesn’t seem to have any effect on VSTis. I have a similar issue when trying to do this via Rewire as well.

Do you have “compensate for plugin latency” enabled? VSTis and ReWire should be sample accurate and should sync with N-track adn N-track should know the latency the VSTi creates so everything lines up correctly. Try playing with the plugin compensation both on and off and see what happens. I have seen where certain plugins screwup the sync with VSTis and in that case I turn off compensation and just render the MIDI track to a wav for mixing.

The “compensate for plugin latency” setting doesn’t seem to make any difference when on or off. The only things that seems to change the offset are the buffering settings and the offset setting on the VSTi itself.