MTV - A Retrospective

Funny, but true…

Remember way back in the day when MTV actually played music videos?

These guys do.

"OMG! I Think I just saw Slash’s eyes!"

Rated PG-17 for multiple “F”-words.

Where do you FIND this stuff!! ROFL!!

“Dude, there’s right way to be stupid and a wrong way to be stupid. Put it on the Weather Channel.” :D :D


That was SOOOOOO funny!!!

I laughed out loud numerous times.

I too remember when that video came out and the profound impact it had on my life.

They don’t make music videos like that anymore!!!


Speaking of Slash, just got back from Velvet Revolver… Multiple GnR and STP covers in what I would call the Duff and Slash Show.

Somebody stole Slash’s top hat recently…the world will never be the same.

Hey Willy,

yeah I saw Velvet Revolver in Sydney on Wednesday night.
Cool show.
Not amazing musically or anything, but a good rocn roll show.

slash is just a cool guitarist, especially live!

The covers they did in Sydney were It’s So Easy (was good),
Mr Brownstone (they cut out a couple of verses), Used to Love Her (not sure why they did that song as there are heaps better GnR songs they could have done)
Sex Type Thing (that was cool) and I think 1 more STP cover.

Definitely a lot more energy on stage than those depressing indie type bands that just stand still on stage and look like they are in a rehearsal studio


Somebody stole Slash's top hat recently...the world will never be the same.

Odd, it was sitting on top of his stacks, until he wore it for the first encore.

Rich, I think the other STP cover was Crackerman.

What did you think of The Screaming Jets?


We didn’t get to see the Jets
I’ve seen them plenty of times in their heyday, figured they’d be a bit like seeing mental as anything or something - they don’t actually have any new material out - their just playing the same songs they did 5 years ago! :)

We get there and were in the foyer for their last 2 or 3 songs and didn’t get in before they finished.
Didn’t bother us though.

I think they were a lot better in the very beginning (C’mon, Better etc.) and their later stuff was pretty boring.

Slash had a top hat in Sydney too.
But I would expect he would travel with a few spares and has probably gone through a few over the years too.
Probably left a few in bars, gutters etc in the past :)

they don't actually have any new material out - their just playing the same songs they did 5 years ago! :)

Apparently they do now... There was some mumbled talk about the new single and whatnot. Played Better, but not Living In England :(


It was the original hat……p%20hat…news_dm…d_id=25…B68E299…ge.html

A few links that don’t say a whole lot.

I stand corrected!
Maybe those guns n roses parties weren’t really that crazy after all… :)

…riiiiiiight… :D