Multi-channel VST plugs

how to map the inputs?

This is my problem:

If I’m using a multi (=more than 2) channel VST plugin as an effect-insert in a group channel, the plugins outputs (effect returns) neatly map onto subsequent group channels (i.e. if I inserted the plugin in group #1 then plugin outputs 3 and 4 will be on group #2 etc).
The inputs beyond #1 and #2 are nowhere to be found though.

Any ideas on how to use more than 2 send channels to one plugin would be appreciated.

Come on, someone must have run into the same problem?
Or may be this is totally impossible in n-Track?
And how are multi-output instruments handled (if at all)?
Can find absolutely nothing about this in the documentation…

I don’t thin it’s supported. Plug-ins have I/O channel support, but most are 1 and 2 channel, while a few are 1 or 2 channel. Multi-channel functionality is relatively new inthe scheme of things. To have the type functionality you are looking for would require n-Tracks to be able to play multi-channel waves directly in the tracks that way. Since n-Tracks supports only 1 or 2 channel waves per track it can’t handle mutlti-IO plug-ins yet., except as stereo That could at some time be added as part of n-Track’s surround functionalty though.

It’s a pity it’s not supported, because it is almost there.
The outputs of a multi-channel insert are available if you have enough “idle” group channels next to the track that holds the insert.
Also I just found that a 10 channel VSTi automatically obtains 5 stereo channels in n-Track.
So why not the inputs?

Don’t know. That’s a good feature for Flavio to look into.

As for multi out instruemnts, N just creates a bunch of outputs in the mixer. I guess I am sort of cofused as to what you are doing. Is this a surround plug of some sort?

Synths put out wave data — looks like playing a wave to the system. These synths put put wave data that has more than 2 channels (stereo). It’s a wave format thing. Windows Media Player will play these kinds of files of you have a soundcard that supports multi-channel out installed. An Audigy 2 is 5.1, so WMP10 (don’t know about earler versions) will play 6 channel PCM waves. These VSTi plug-ins do the same. It’s pretty cool actually. (Think of what a surround reverb could be like.)