multi mic acoustic guitar recording

I have 3 mics. ADK GC1, ADK Hamburg and Rode NT2-A.
I have been testing recording my acoustic guitar.

One setup that I found quite good is Hamburg and NT2-A
in “ORTF”-style 30cm apart and angled 90 (45 each) degrees.
With GC1 in between and close to band-12.
(All 3 mics on a line.)

I hav not found this setup described anywhere.
Is this OK ?

Maybe this is just not as good as two stereo-pairs
(4 mics) ?


If it sounds good, it is good. THe onlt thing that might bite you is if there are phase problems in mono with your set up. Check it in mono and if it still sounds good, keep on doing what you are doing if you are happy with it. BTW, I have a GC1 too and despite being an inexpensive mic, it sounds great on acoustic.