Multi-Threading in ntrack

question about multithreading in ntrack

I’m about to build a new system, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be based on core2duo. anyway i was just wondering whether or not ntrack is multithreaded and if it will benefit from multiple cores. i’d love to have really responsive low latency recording experience, and i wonder if anyone has any knowledge about whether ntrack is made to really take advantage of dual core architecture.

N uses Multithreading on audio processing - just download N which will work in demo mode if you are not satified just uninstall it (costs nothing) and see what happens -

Dr J


I have just upgraded from a pentium 3 to an athlon 64 x2 3800 and find NTrack to run extremely smoothly in the new setup, even without enabling multithreading.

My old system would choke on more than four mono tracks and one instance of SIR.

I have yet to find the limit for this one. The most I have done so far is 3 instances of SIR, eight mono tracks, one instance of freeamp2 and the NTrack pitch shifter plugin on it’s highest quality setting
CPU meter in NTrack shows around 25% :)

BTW, a dual core CPU will do nothing to shorten latency.


I have a dual core AMD64 unit and n-Track does use that feature if available. But low latency is a result of many, many factors - speed and fragmentation of HDD, other apps and drivers running in background, the soundcard hardware and drivers, crap in the system, number of tracks, number and kind of fx, and cosmic rays (just kidding).