Multiband compressor problem

Hello all. I just recently installed the latest build of n-Track, and I’m checking out the latest effect additions (Cool). When I open up the new multiband compressor effect, the window will not open all the way to the right. I have tried resizing it in every way I can with no success. I just can’t stretch it out all the way to the right in order to use the high band adjustments. Anybody else having the same problem?

Same here, need to let Flavio know. I’m running windows98se and am wondering if this is a bug within that spectrum

This used to happen with some third party plugs. I thought the solution had something to do with screen resolution?

works fine for me. what’s your resolution?

I had the same problem, changed to 1024x768 and it’s all there now.

I am using xindows xp, so its not isolated to any one operating system. I sent a bug report to Flavio. Hopefully the problem will be resolved in the next build.


Yep changing resolution fixes the problem…thanks guys!:D

I have the same problem with this plug-in and figured that changing the resolution would fix the problem. Only problem is I like to keep my monitor at 800x600 which gives me the size of detail I want on my 15" CRT.

I wish the plug-in was resizable to fit the 800x600 resolution, but I don’t think Flavio will change the plug-in because it is a third-party item readily available for free from

All of the new n-Track VST plug-ins came from this web site which has free plug-ins. You may want to try the other graphic equalizer and the sidechain compressor available there. I haven’t figured out yet how to provide the trigger signal for the sidechain compressor.