Multinational jam

cover song (purple rain)

Got the idea for this project from seeing Prince perform during the Super Bowl halftime show on TV. For a pop star, Prince is an impressive guitarist and this is a very decent guitar song.

I acted mainly as a producer on this project, although I did play the bass and rhythm guitar. I built the backing track from a midi file and then edited the mixdown to shorten the song to two verses instead of three. This allowed the instrumental half of the song to be extended without turning this into a 12 minute song. :D

Anyway, sent the backing track to several different guitarists: two from Britain, one from Sweden, one from Canada and three from the U.S. The Canadian guy did all the vox. Pretty cool how each came up with different ideas for their solo guitar parts. Hadn’t posted for a while, so I thought this might be fun to share.

Purple Rain - Jam

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I agree with you about Prince, the Purple pop star thing tends to detract from his abilities as a musician.

Anyway, this is a nice piece of work. I like the idea of inviting the different guitar players to take part, it came of well. Nice performances and a good mix.
Technically…no comments, it all sounds good to me :)

Personal inquiry…does the swedish guy play around 5.14 to 5.45?

Don’t know what to say other than “killah”. That’s a lot of good guitar solos and sounds packed into one cover tune. Nicely produced too :)


Can’t say I’m a Prince fan but I really enjoyed that jam!
Aint the Internet great!


I can say that I am a Prince fan, from the beginning, and this is totally cool.

One small thing, I would have programmed the hihats to do pretty much straight 1/4 notes. Wonder if any drummer here would do an overdub of some real drums.

the singer sure does a credible Prince!

Anything you want to tell us about the synths and guitars and such, would be cool.

AWESOME!! Credits? Or would the guys rather their names not be published?
I’d pay to see this live. Just awesome.

Thanks for the listens and comments. I only know these guitarists by their usernames and first names:

Here’s the order of the solos:

Yzerman (Craig from Canada, who did the vocals) - 2:29
Naifuzan (Per from Sweden) - 3:05
Bulletman (Johnny from somewhere in America) - 3:37
Dallas (Todd from Dallas, I assume) - 4:09
Bluesplayer (Art from England) - 4:41
wahwah (Chris from England) - 5:14
SG Std (Robbie from Las Vegas) - 5:45

I found the midi file for this backing track on the Internet (there are lots of them out there). It’s relatively quick and easy to import midi files in n-Track and then use a VSTi or soundfont player to play and record each instrument part. This track had an electric piano part, some string synths and a violin part, which were played back through different freebie soundfonts from For doing cover songs, this is an easy method for putting together a backing track or to learn a song, but there are some midi files out there that aren’t accurate, so it’s a good idea to compare it to the original artist’s recording for reference.

I thought that whoever programmed this file did a pretty decent job. I don’t do much tweaking with the sequencing, unless there are obvious problems that I can diagnose and fix. Tom’s suggestion about the hi-hat would be fairly easy to modify. A live drummer would also be great, but I haven’t run into as many drummers online as guitarists. :p

I learned the bass and guitar parts through a combination of tab and the transcriptions in the piano roll in n-Track from the midi file. If it’s sequenced accurately, it’s a good way to get the right notes. The rhythm guitar was a Squier Tele played through a J-Station with some delay and chorus on a clean patch. The bass is also played through the J-Station.