multiple inputs/outputs selected error

I am using the latest version of 24 bit n-track and an RME Hammerfall 9632 audio interface. I continue to get an error message when I use Preferences/audio devices and select RME Hammerfall ASIO (input and output). After closing the preferences window, I get a message which indicates that “multiple inputs/outputs have been selected” and I get what appears to be 4 recording VU meters. I was previously using an M-audio Audiophile 2496 soundcard and obviously used their drivers. I attempted to manually uninstall the M-audio drivers. However, I have noticed that after going into n-track (preferences/audio devices), I still have an option to select M-audio ASIO. Could there be a conflict with the RME Hammerfall ASIO and what remains of the M-audio ASIO ?

Your m-audio must be turned off totaly.

you can turn it off in oooohhhh english: configurationmenu-system- hardware-and than a little search where your maudio is and turn it of

Arie seems a dutch name so I give it a trie: configuratiescherm-systeem-hardware-apparaatbeheer en de rest spreekt voor zich.

Thanks for your suggestions. I checked the systems/hardware/sounds…and confirmed that M-audio has been removed. I think I have some “lingering” ASIO driver files (M-Audio) in my system that are causing the problem.