Multiple output options??

Is there anyway in n-Track to route tracks to multiple outs, like you can with a mixer console - ie, channels 1-4 to main out AND group 1/2 AND group 3/4, etc. I can only see how to route them to the main out OR 3/4 OR 5/6, etc either directly or through groups. Any ideas?

Sloom and I have the Terratec EWS88MT which have 8 in and 8 out and would like certain tracks to go to multiple pair outputs. Any help would be appreciated.


I think I may have figured out a workaround, by going through Aux’s. Not as straightforward as a mixing console. But it may work. But I’m still hoping someone would know a better way.


I think someones else asked this recently.

Your Aux solution is probably about the only way to do it. PITA though.


Thanks Mark. I vaguely remember a thread on using Aux’s, but thought it went in a different direction. I browsed through the 8 pages of threads, but couldn’t find it. Anyways, thanks for confirming my “fears”. Maybe this is something Flavio will consider in a future build.

Doing it with aux’s is awkward and error proned. This is the way I was setting up my mixer console for multi-track recording - before I got my new console with direct outs. What a difference that feature makes.


While my sense of symmetry tells me it would be nice to route a channel to more than 1 output, I don’t know how I would use it. On my live board I use groups for submixes to send to recorders or monitors but I don’t typically need these things in a mixdown environment where everything ends up in the same two channels.

If I just want to handle multiple channels with a single fader I create a group but there is no need to also send the individual channels direct to the stereo bus as well. That would just create undesirable interactions between the individual faders and the group fader. You can always use an aux send on the group for global effects and individual channels can have their own instances of effects (allowing different effects on all chanels to still be affected by the group fader) so it is not obvious to me why you would want that feature.

Now, being able to route an aux to a group would be cool since the conventional way of using an aux would result in the ratio of the effect being partly dependent on the group fader setting even if the individual channel is set to post fader. In an analog board the signal levels in the aux are dependent on the aux send level, if the channel is sent to a group, the level of that channel in the final mix is affected by the group fader but the level of the send to the aux is not. Digital boards and DAWs don’t need to have this limitation but I am not sure how N-track handles this. It would be possible to have the group fader actually just affect the gain values for individual channels so that post-fader auxes would track both volume controls. I think this calls for some experiments (or a word from Flavio).

The most obvious reason would be to create individual monitor mixes for overdubbing but I rarely overdub more than one musician at a time so I just use a stereo mix with appropriate muting of unnecessary tracks.

What are you trying to accomplish? We might have better suggestions if we understand the goal.


Doesn’t this depend on the Terratec software’s capabilities? I can do this with the Aardvark Q10.

You can send a channel to a single destination, be it a group or output. Normally each channel or group is sent to a pair of outputs which is considered to be the stereo output but they can be sent to any output you have available.

I believe the question is whether you can send the output of a single channel or group to more than one output at a time. The only way to do that that I am aware of is to send it to both an aux (which returns by default to the stereo bus (can it be returned elswhere? I haven’t checked)) and to another output which can only be external if you have a multiple output soundcard (or multiple soundcards) of some sort.


Thanks for everyone’s input.

What I’m looking for is for the musicians to be able to have individual monitors mixes while laying down tracks. I know I don’t do it exactly the way it should - one musician per take, etc. I usually have 2, 3 , or more musicians at the same time - a compromise between the pristine studio setting and the energy of the “live gig” so to speak. Each musician wants their mix a bit different. Sometimes that means: drummer wants certain tracks that are already laid down, while the bass wants something else, etc. It would be a darn site easier (and quicker) to push a few buttons, than fiddle with those little Aux sliders (and setup extra Auxes for another monitor, etc).

I guess it really isn’t that much of an issue, since it can be done using the Auxes. Maybe if the Aux sliders could be made bigger. But it still is an issue of awkwardness, since you have to raise the “correct” little Aux sliders on the tracks, then raise the “correct” little Aux sliders on the outputs to get it routed correctly. If multiple groups were available to be outputed simultaneously, all you would have to do would be to push the group buttons on the tracks and assign the output of the groups to the output of the sound card. To me it seems simpler and less real estate on the screen.

Just food for thought. I know how to work it using Auxes now and I’ll use that method until a better way is provided.


Note that aux gives you more flexibility in the differences between the mixes. For example, the drums can be louder in the drummer’s mix. Plus, don’t forget you can send groups to auxes, so you can have one group for drums and an aux for each musician’s monitor. Most likely you know all this.

The biggest problem is that the aux faders are short. Don’t forget that you can click on a fader and then use the mouse scroll wheel to adjust it – much easier than dragging.

I agree, Learjeff, that the Aux’s give more flexibility of the mix. But sometimes a simple “quick and dirty” mix is all the musician wants. (time is money…)

I guess its a case that I look at my mixing console (an Allen Heath GL2400) and see not only the incredible flexibility of the console (aux’s, direct outs, matrix, groups, etc.) , but also the “quick and dirty” possibilities of the groups. I’m probably wanting to have my DAW function like my hardware.

I tried the mouse wheel trick, but couldn’t make it work. Maybe I missed clicking on the slider first. I’ll try again.


I’ve wanted multiple output options for some time. There are certain instances where outputing to a second output would be much easier than using groups and auxillaries. Unfortunately I can’t think of any off the top of my head lol.

regardless, every day I do a mix I run into a situation where I wish I could just send that track to two or three places. Instead I have to use auxillary channels which accomplishes the same thing, but many times I want to send THOSE tracks to other channels. So I end up cloning tracks and setting up groups and multiple auxillaries to accomplish it. If I had multiple outputs it’d be much easier, even the ability to send it to multiple groups simultaneously would achieve the same desired effect.

One last thing, anyone know of a plugin or way to convert a stereo track to a mono ouput? I’m getting into ducking, and the plugin I use requires a stereo track (one side bass guitar, one side bass drum) and after I’ve ducked the bass guitar, it’s still panned to one side. I need something to convert the stereo to mono after my ducking compressor in order to pan the bass guitar center.

I think analogueX used to have a stereo-mono plug…