Multiple paste in Midi piano roll

This is probably a very silly question but I’ve given up trying to figure it out.

When I’m want to replicate a drum track measure several times (as one does) and I use the “multiple paste” option, if I’ve given my measure any gap before the end (again, as one does), the first of the multiple pastes is fine but the second one starts to early (to the extent of said gap) and so it goes on, compounding the error for each multiple.

Am I doing something wrong? There is a box (when specifying multiple pasting) for the interval length but I dont understand this and , in any case, it’s greyed out.

Can anyone throw some light on this?



Hi Mike -

pasting in MIDI is not just a problem in N, its prevelant in all MIDI efditors that i have come across except one - in defence of Ns MIDI system, the fact is tha tnot many N users do any MIDI, so its not that the MIDI editor has been neglected, its just that no one (relatively speaking) uses it - Flavio has posted me saying that he will do changes to the TEMPO giu that i mentioned to him last week, but unless he knows of a fault it cannot be repaired - please use the feedback form to discuss your problems with him -

although the program itself is MASSIVE and has a learning curve steeper than the north face of Mt Everest, for MIDI editing i use HARMONY ASSISTANT, it is NOTATION software that uses proper notes on proper staves and works properly - if your SERIOUS about MIDI then google for it, there is a very good demo available and an very active forum (as HA is French so are most of the posts) -

so, i record or make basic MIDI settings in N, transfer to HA, make final arangements in HA and then re-inport finished track(s) back into N for combining with audio etc - beware proper NOTES are contagious, once you get the hang of it you will never want to go back to a piano roll and those horrid MIDI blocks ever again -

Dr J

Thanks Dr J!