Multiple songs to CD

burning to CD as an album

OK! I recorded my first song. Found out I need to severely deaden the
room … 8’ x 20’ carpeted floor, no furniture. Very hollow sound.
I can solve that. What I would like to know is how to burn multiple
songs to one CD to create an album. How does one do that?



Hi NFritz:

In most cases, the burning software handles all that…
For example Nero should do that automatically…
with the space between the songs, and all… In fact n-Track has a CD Burning application built into the program…


N-track will burn a Cd of several songs for you.
If you want to use N-track it is not very complicated, you just have to give it a try.

Using N-track.
Open View > CD.
There are several Options Icons in that box for burning the Cd
You can list the songs that you want to burn to the Cd on that screen/window